Alliance Crest
Name Solitary
Guildmaster Jorunn
Level 7
Type PvE (friends)
Accounts 7
Armory Solitary Armory

Solitary is a small group of friends, created largely to provide access to guild perks for individuals who did not particularly want to join a larger guild.

This guild was formed on Feathermoon when guild perks first were created, by an ardent defender who really, really wanted a 15 minute hearth and a Stormwind cloak, but didn't particularly want to join a random guild to get them. It is dedicated towards crafting if anything; while members are generally quite friendly, we are not recruiting nor do we foresee doing so.


Guild progress



Founded by Jorunn when guild perks were introduced; joined by friends and friends' alts, who worked to acquire achievements and level for the guild.

Weekly raid schedule


Guild rules

  • Don't invite anyone without checking with Jorunn.
  • Do take stuff from the guild bank if you need it.
  • Do ask Jorunn for crafting help. If she's not around, ask Silveria.


Jorunn, Guild Leader 
Runs things. Contact if you need to get in touch with Solitary for any reason. Tell her Silveria sent you, or she may be rather confused.