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Of Course She Did

The charity had just closed when there was a knock at the rear door. Lexi had sent Lejian home already and was working on a letter to Lady Carrens asking for a meeting to talk about other avenues of charity that they could support in the city. She wanted the idea planted in her benefactor’s head before ever mentioning the retirement home that needed help that Lejian and Phillip wished to help with. Lowering her shields slightly, she could see the emotional colors of her friend, and guard captain, Joseph.

As he didn’t know of her gift, she moved to the door and asked, “Who is there?”

Seeing a surge of pleasure in his emotions as he heard her voice, “Lexi, it is Jospeh. Can we talk?”

Lexi played along with the ruse of making sure it was him as she peeked out a crack she made as she opened the door slightly, “Hello, Joseph. Come in, would you like tea?”

“No thanks Lexi, I am off duty and will be heading to Evalynne’s in a bit,” he said as he reddened slightly.

“Have you two finally decided that her profession and yours can mix?” she asked, hoping it was true as they were two of her oldest friends.

He rubbed the back of his neck, uncomfortable with the topic as he still had some feelings for the priest before him that they had never addressed. “We are discussing it, mostly I check in now and again to make sure everything is alright since Thom headed to Argus so they are down a guard there.”

“And so, what brings you by here before that trip then?” She walked into the kitchen with him, her preferred gathering place no matter who she was with.

“You have a young man working here I am told, used to be in seminary?” Joseph did not want any misunderstandings between them, he trusted Lexi, to an extent, as she had a knack for getting into, and out of, trouble in the most interesting of ways. “A report has been filed that he went missing, nothing official as he is of age, but his family is worried.”

That news caused Lexi’s head to tip in a small nod, “I did, he took his leave of us a little while ago.”

Joseph reached for a chair turning it around so he could straddle it. It always made Lexi smile when the proper captain did something more in tune with the street smart way he had been raised. It showed his comfort level with her to allow him to relax so much in her company. “Right, right.” He looked over her for a moment, eyes lingering on the white and gold robe she wore, taking in every detail with the training of a good guard, “He’s a good kid then?”

She took a seat across from him, pulling her tea cup close, “He seems to show promise, though he had a moment of folly. He was one of the ones that caused issues for that friend of mine, Zantoris. He came here to find Zan and apologize, but Zan was on the Broken Shore, so I figured some work would help him get on track.”

“Of course you did. How do you not have a pack of stray animals following you the way you keep stray people near?” Joseph laughed with a shake of his head. “At least you do not have that large bastard at your side anymore.”

“Joseph,” Lexi said with a small warning in her tone, “please, that is in the past, and I prefer to leave it there.”

Holding up his hand in a small gesture of surrender, “Lexi, you deserve better, you deserve to be happy yourself. Be treated as you treat others, and spoiled a little.”

“I do not deserve any more than anyone else Joseph, I do what I feel is right in my heart for others, I can do no less,” Lexi said softly.

“You would be easy to love,” he said softly.

Lexi shook her head, “Joseph…”

“I know, I know,” he sighed and stood. “I will leave it alone as I always have. If you see the lad let him know his father is looking for him, aye?”

“I will, and thank you for coming to me and not sending his family to my doorstep. It means much to me that you trust me in this,” she rose and followed him to the back door. “Tell Evalynne I miss her.”

Joseph nodded, “She misses you too, we talk often about you. Want to come with me?”

The priest shook her head, “Thank you, but I need to lock up here and get Farris home to be fed, maybe I will head into Duskwood soon and say hello.”

“Thanks for seeing me Lexi,” Joseph said as he stepped from the door, pulling it closed behind him. “Be safe.”

“Light Bless, Joseph.”