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Seeing Stars

In Deliverance Point, alone at the top of a grassy green hill which was for the moment free of any felbats or infernals, Vivenne sat staring at the sky. She liked the sky. It was her favorite new thing in the outside world. It had clouds, and birds. It came in varying shades of blue, pink, and purple. It had a sun and often a moon or two, and at night it filled up with stars. The sky was beautiful, far more beautiful and big than she had ever imagined at home on her balcony in Suramar. Oh—and it was also not a glowing purple energy barrier. It had that going for it.

The stars were the best. There were just so many of them, too many to count. (She kept trying it anyway. Her highest record so far was two thousand, two hundred and forty-six.) They came in clusters and patterns and swarms. They were big and small, bright and dim. Sometimes they moved. Months after seeing them for the first time she was still noticing new ones. She never got tired of looking at them. She had even found a book—several books; it seemed every culture on Azeroth had their own—detailing different constellations and their meanings. Her favorites were the ones belonging to the tauren. Their sun and moon were the Earthmother's eyes. Their stars were rivers, dancers, and spirits. The way the tauren looked at the universe was as different from what she had grown up with as you could get, and she loved it.

The book of tauren constellations sat open on her lap, showing a detailed illustration of an antler-headed bear. The other books were spread around her in the grass, being ignored for the moment. She'd get to them—she always did—but for now she was determined to find that bear. It was being stubborn, or (more likely) she was still just terrible at this. It was supposed to sit at the intersection of a river and a fish, but she couldn't find those either. Several minutes ago, she had thought she found a river, but it turned out to be a snake. This was taking forever, but she didn't mind. She had gotten to see a snake. She was just discovering the river—wait, no, damn, it was the snake again—when the world changed.

She felt, as much as saw, the massive surge of magic tearing open the sky. The stars rippled and bobbled as if passing through a wave, then vanished behind something massive, dark, and fel green. It was a planet, much too close, burning and cracked open like a hardboiled egg someone had doused in accelerants. She knew which planet, of course. It was obvious which planet. Still, she looked down at her book, flipping through the pages. She tried one book, then another, then all the rest, ignoring the screams and shouting that were coming from the rest of Deliverance Point as other people saw the intruder in her night sky. Vivenne wanted to scream too, but she swallowed it, concentrating on her search. But—nope. No planet. That was not supposed to be up there.


With a sigh, she closed her books and looked back up. Still there. Still green and on fire. Ugly as hell.

"Well, that's fucked up."
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(( My entire family gathered around the computer (I happened to be the first one to see it) and said, in turn, "WTF is that?!?" ))
  • August 13, 2017
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