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A Weapon of the Light (WEW)

(( written with Kiyera ))

The healer looked at his shoulder with an eyebrow raised in a skeptical arch.

“You could heal this yourself. Easily.” She regarded his face and stared into his eyes, looking through him dispassionately until time dragged out into eternity. Kartanian did his best not to squirm as he sat on the bed for her examination. Kiyera knew what she was doing.

Finally, her focus softened and she shook her head. “For an assassin, you are remarkably susceptible to a guilty conscience.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” He grinned apologetically. “The Light imposes a cost on my abilities, in some ways.”

Kiyera sniffed and nodded in agreement. “There is balance in the Light.” Her voice was low and calm, very matter-of-fact. She placed one strong hand on the deep violet skin of his shoulder blade and another on the top of the joint itself. Frowning slightly, she stood a little taller. “Slouch a bit, Kartanian. You’re too tall in this elven body for me to get the right leverage.”

“Oh. All right.” He relaxed and settled himself lower. “Better?”

“Yes, thank you.” The green-robed priestess probed the muscles beneath her hands and adjusted her position. “This will hurt as I give it a short, sharp adjustment, and then the pain will fade quickly. It will tingle and feel hot, instead. Then, the discomfort will dissipate. I’ll finish the healing and you’ll be back to full function in this form again. Understood?”

“Yes, my lady healer.”

She sniffed again, this time with wry amusement. She gave a sharp tap of two fingers to a trigger point on the inside of the rogue’s shoulder blade, and then placed her palm against the scapula itself. While a numb feeling spread down the rogue’s arm, she thrust carefully and precisely with both hands in near-opposite directions, moving his shoulder back into alignment. Kartanian exhaled through the wrenching adjustment to the joint, wincing slightly and then consciously forcing himself to relax again.

“Pain fading? Starting to feel hot?” she asked after several seconds.

“Yes, starting to.”

“Good.” The healer poured energy into the muscles, sinews, and bones under her hands.

“Ah! Much better!” the rogue sighed with relief.

Kiyera removed her hands and nodded. “You’ll be able to hold her much better now.”

Kartanian blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Luna,” she replied calmly. “You’ll be able to hold her in your arms again as you both wish.”

The spy’s mouth opened. And then closed again. After several blinking moments, he sheepishly replied, “Uh, right.”

The priestess favored him with a wry sort of half-smile and said patiently, “Kartanian, I am a student of nature, and healing, and of people. The Light is my ally. I am used to seeing through shadows. I can see what many think they have kept hidden. She needs you. You need her. She accepts you in all your forms, but it is obvious that she prefers this one. In it, you can put your arms around her and make her feel shielded from the world.”

As that sunk in, Kartanian shook his head in admiration. “You are really, really good.”

She shrugged calmly. “I merely pay attention. But, yes, it is more than that. I am a weapon of the Light. A healer, yes, but a weapon to be wielded, as well.”

He grinned. “You remind me of someone I once knew. A kind of monk, actually.”

“The discipline of my family and tradition is very similar to the Pandaren monastic orders, yes. While I maintain my tranquility and stand with the Light as my ally, there is almost nothing that I need to do that cannot be done.”

The rogue looked at her with curious eyes. “Do you get time for yourself, with all of that discipline and duty?”

“Sometimes,” she admitted. She sat next to him on the edge of the examination bed. “I have quite a fierce nature. Dealing with shadow and corruption and negative emotions threatens to disturb my balance. I have to let that go. I sometimes ask myself why I am so good at healing and helping things grow if have to be so good at destruction, too. Why can't I just heal and help? Of course, I know the answer to that. It is only in times when I can relax that I can let my frustration out and let it flow away. Otherwise, I am just like a deep well. A deep, cool well with the dangerous emotions sloshing about at the bottom. There is a place for them. And when I can, I dip the bucket and empty out the well until it is clean again.”

Kartanian’s face was a reflection of sympathy. “I understand. Is there anything I can do for you?”

The priestess smiled wryly again and patted his hand. “No. That which you can do, you are already doing. And you need your own focus, as well. I would not take you from it. You are just as much a weapon of the Light as I am.”

“True,” he nodded thoughtfully. “Though I seem to find my way to the target in different, roundabout ways.”

“Through the shadow.”

He nodded.

“If you know of a trustworthy massage expert, however, I would be indebted to you for the recommendation.” Kiyera stood and stretched. She took a breath and rolled her shoulders. “I can’t work on myself very effectively, no matter the discipline. And my body does build up the strain.”

The rogue started to reach out toward her, but thought better of it and drew his hand back. She nodded in agreement. “Save that for Luna. She needs it more than me. I will be fine.”

“Thank you.” Kartanian rose and his night elf body towered over the human priestess. “A question about her, though…?”


“Is her soul really a new one? Created when she was reanimated at Arthas’ command?”

Kiyera tilted her head thoughtfully. “Truthfully, I don’t know. It is possible. There are many contradictory theories about that. But, in any event it allowed her to separate her present concern from her past life. That was part of my goal in suggesting it to her.”

“Ah.” He considered that.

“She is another weapon of Light and Shadow, herself.”

“I know. It is her own discipline and faith that keeps her balanced.” Kartanian sighed. “But she constantly questions herself.”

“On the whole, that is a good thing. It keeps her focused, and alert to the dangers. She walks perhaps a more narrow path than you or I, and she must keep her balance. You help her greatly.”

“I know. I will continue to do so.” His face was pensive.

“Nothing is certain, but with the Light as an ally, the journey is worth the effort, even if we do not prevail.”

“Ah. Wielded well, then, we serve our purposes and can take satisfaction in that, as weapons of the Light.”

“Exactly.” She patted his shoulder. “You’re quite well again, now. Go help Luna. And let me know if you find a masseur for me.”

Kartanian grinned. “I will not fail to do so! For even a finely honed weapon needs sharpening and polishing from time to time!”

The priestess chuckled and sent him on his way.
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Kiyera is so reasonable.
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(( Is that why you're wearing the "Tranquil Master" title on her? Wink ))
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(( Updated to tag Kiyera ))
  • August 15, 2017
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Kiyera Demari
((Honestly, I *am* a Tranquil Master. That's what I do.))
  • August 17, 2017
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