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tsssssBOOM: the Minecraft Thread

My desert town needed a pub, so naturally I made the Pig & Whistle.





What's that hidden behind the barrels?

Oh hay man didn't see you there soz

Not ingame, but Rider canon: Lower rooms and the office.

Room 1: One-person cot with a small dresser that has a spare outfit, books, a bit of money, and some booze:

Room 2: Two-cot room, a little bit better outfitted: Fancy duds, normal clothes, writing mats, booze, books, more booze:

The Boss's office, where you're not allowed:

What's your chair blocking anyway Annalea? Whoah nevermind man

Last update on June 1, 2016, 10:51 pm by Fells Clemens.
It's crazy good! I had just finally submitted to the will of bl9cks last weekend.
Because of this I had to put Minecraft on my iPad as well. Sadly you don't start with a map so I have spent over an hour running around the land looking for the house I spent two nights on.

And I almost have found enough sugar cane for a map
Last update on June 9, 2016, 7:51 am by Kalaallexin.
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