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Feathermap helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
Feathermoon is an old server. Since our history goes back to the launch of the game we love, there is a lot of history to sort through: Raid progressions, guilds, people jumping between gulds, friendly rivalries, not so friendly rivalries. It’s hard to keep track of all of it.

We have tools to help us stay involved in our community: Our forum, our guild sites and our social networks. Until recently, we didn’t have anything built for Feathermoonies by feathermoonies. That changes today.

Starting today, we have Feathermap: An all in one Forum, Social Network, toon and guild web tool. This allows us to take the best aspects of social networks--like Facebook--with the usability of our forum.

And one more thing: Unlike our forum, Feathermap is built to be mobile. So use it on the bus, at the dinner table or when you’re AFK.

Feathermap: Your brand new guide to the old-time Feathermoon Community.