Velerie Silverleaf(NPC)

Velerie Silverleaf
Title <Weaver>
Gender Female
Race Kaldorei (Humanoid)
Character class Civilian
Affiliation Kaldorei
Former affiliation(s) Darnassus
Occupation Weaver, alchemical assistant.
Location Lor'danel, Darkshore
Status Ill
Relative(s) Silveria Silverleaf (daughter), Tarethil Silverleaf (husband), Drevina Wildthorn (first cousin), [Rossignolet]] Wildthorn (First cousin once removed, foster daughter)
Mentor(s) Tarethil Silverleaf
Student(s) Unrecorded.
Alignment Lawful Good

Velerie Silverleaf is a quiet kal'dorei woman of fairly average height, with bright silver eyes and long green hair. At present, she looks pale and tends to avoid unnecessary standing when possible, not to mention more severe exertion. She enjoys cooking, weaving, gardening (although her idea of a garden tends to be a nearby patch of forest), and playing alchemical assistant to her husband. Like her husband, she tends to be quite protective of her daughter, Silveria Silverleaf; relations between them have been strained since the Death Knight Incident*.


Born in Kalimdor before the War of the Ancients, Velerie survived solely because, at the time the war broke out, she had been staying with the family of her cousin, Drevina Wildthorn, who was army-mad. Drevina's constant training came in useful when demons attacked, as did their hasty flight to the rebel forces, and rescue (more or less) by a druid named Quintil Wildthorn. Terrified and traumatized by the death of everyone in the world she cared about (with the exception of Drevina), Velerie found comfort in a quiet friendship with a fellow survivor, Tarethil Silverleaf, which slowly grew into something more. At the end of the war, they settled down together in a nice place in Darkshore.

They moved again shortly before their only daughter was born, to a place in northern Ashenvale, not far from Drevina's patrol routes (partially because Velerie appreciated being close to her cousin, partially to provide a better environment for their daughter). Silveria was raised in the middle of the forest, with nary a family around for miles, in peaceful isolation. This effort on their part did not prevent the girl from growing up with a strong sense of duty, and when she insisted on going to fight after Hyjal, they let her go. Her parents remained at home... and were still there when a volcano emerged rather too close by.

The pair fled, accompanied by Drevina,and reached Lor'danel after a lengthy series of misadventures. Said lengthy series had left Velerie in rather poor health, so they settled down in their original house; Tarethil took up working as an alchemist for the Sentinels and taking care of Velerie, while she did her best to play assistant while recovering.

  • She didn't think a human death knight was an appropriate person for Silveria to date. Silveria eventually came to the conclusion that no, after all, that human death knight wasn't a particularly good person for her to date, so things are not nearly as strained as they might have been, but neither of her parents has ever really gotten over her lapse of, as they see it, sanity.

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