Featherwiki:Character Page Guidelines

So, you want to make a character page! Here's what you need to do!

1. Make the character page under your toon's name on Feathermoon - even if that is not the name your character goes by. This will make your information easier to find and classify - for instance, instead of "Shaila Viridiant" or "Shaila" use "Viridiant". Point your browser to that page - ie, http://feathermap.net/wiki/index.php?title=YOURTOONNAME

2. Copy and paste the following code:


and save the page. A whole bunch of stuff will show up, including a box with a fake guy's info. THIS IS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.

3. Edit the page, filling out the appropriate sections. You can leave blank any of the items in the box and it will not show up. In the case of things like your race, class, and guild, please make extra sure to spell things right so it will look the way it is supposed to!

4. Use links liberally, but for content that is not player created, make links to Wowpedia instead, like this:

[[wow:Night elf|]]

5. Create redirects for other names your character might be known by. For instance, the contents of Chelody Smallwing would be:

#REDIRECT [[Chelody]]

6. If you are worried about other people editing your page, you may protect it from editing. Look on the right hand side of the page and click "Protect".

7. Still confused? Here's an RP example and a non-RP example.

Have fun! If you have any lingering questions, please contact Corrienda or Duerma!