Featherwiki:Adding lore

The best part about a wiki is being able to add whatever the heck you want. Here are your guidelines for adding pages for player-created NPCs, locations, events, etc.

1. Do not make the page a single word long, just in case there is someone on Feathermoon with that name who will be making a character page. If the character's name is just a single word long (ie, "Thrall"), add "(NPC)" to the pages title (ie, "Thrall (NPC)"). If it's a location, try something like "Nighthaven (town)".

2. Copy and paste one of the following codes:

  1. For NPCs:
  2. For Locations:

and save the page.

3. Edit the page, filling out the appropriate sections. You can leave blank any of the items in the box and it will not show up. In the case of things like your races, please make extra sure to spell things right so it will look the way it is supposed to!

4. Use links liberally, but for content that is not player created, make links to Wowpedia instead, like this:

[[wow:Night elf|]]

5. If you are worried about other people editing your page, you may protect it from editing. Look on the right hand side of the page and click "Protect". Please do not do this for items of server lore! You should only protect things that are personal that no one else would want to edit.

Have fun!