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The camp was on edge. The new planet in the sky was an ominous presence in their daily life. Over half the unit had been deployed to either Highmountain or Val’Sharah to supplement troops during the ...
At Day's End, A Journal Entry
Eighth month, twentieth day.We've made significant progress on cleansing the Tomb of Sargeras. There've been a great many adventurers to head in to see about their share of the fame and glory. Some ar...
Marjolaine LaVey
Catch of the Bay
(( WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENES OF ZOMBIE MAKEOUTS ENCLOSED. )) Marjolaine arrived in the goblin port town early, barely able to hide her excitement. She’d brought along a bottle of ale at her Master’s in...
Too Good to be True
(( written with Lunadelle )) “Did anything at all suggest that this Mordin person was connected to Elune? Or any respectable priesthood?” “No. Not at all,” Kartanian shook his head. “All signs poin...
Targeoff Cartwright
Targeoff leaned against a tree, watching the path to Farstrider Lodge. Nearby, an enormous tallstrider carefully preened her lovely turquoise feathers. The hunter glanced at her from time to time, amu...