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Mayanna (Anna) Stormbow

Anna Stormbow attempts to break from the Lich King's influence.
Anvari Zarthus

Anvari and Arathel, in search of ways to control the demon within and to break Fel power.

Lexi's charity endeavor and the stories that arise from it.
Varenna Sungale

A story of lies, illusions, abuse, and a cute elf who loves to read.
Taoshi of the White Tiger

Taoshi and Sheedo grew up together. They ate together. They trained together. They both had the same desire to see what was beyond the mists and when the time came, they both set out to explore. But they both had different destinations in mind. It cast a rift in their lives the likes of which they went to war over, neither one being able to see the other's point of view. It all came to a head when Taoshi was defeated at Lakeshire and left trapped beneath an oak tree while Sheedo walked off into Horde controlled lands. That was two years ago. The Legion has returned and thrown all life for a loop. A new chapter begins in Taoshi's continuing journey but it doesn't quite go the way she thought it would...