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Topic: zombie love

A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part IV
Marjolaine wasn’t especially nervous despite the rather inflammatory status of the undead in these parts, though she did fall a half step behind the former priest, settling for holding his hand. Zanto...
A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part III
Before long they were tangled up on the bedroll again, clothes piled to the side as they spooned and snuggled. Zantoris was still delighted to find someone who seemed just as eager to hop in the sack ...
A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part II
They hiked briskly across the countryside, easily avoiding the scattered wildlife and forsaken patrols. The crater was visible for miles--or rather, the glowing purplish dome that remained over it. Di...
A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part I
Zantoris lounged at the Legerdemain bar, sipping an ale. His rucksack sat beside him, ready for the trip ahead. His armor was clean as always, the chest piece repaired after his recent impalement. He ...
Marjolaine LaVey
Going to the Faire II
(( Warning: Still NSFW. )) The moon had risen fully by the time they finally made their way back to the fair. The band was playing one last song, and a few of the games were still running. They stro...
Topics: zombie love