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Topic: Write Every Week

Varenna Sungale
Vivenne's costume hung on a wooden coat rack by the door. She had meant to go to the Hallow's End party as a witch. She had thought it would be ironic. There was a hat, obligatorily pointy and black, ...
Varenna Sungale
Latte, 1 & 2
I. Argus didn't have seasons. It made sense. As worlds went it barely was one. Felfire and molten stone weren't the sort of thing to be overly affected by a planetary axis, if Argus even had one of ...
Varenna Sungale
When she was younger, starting from when she first heard stories about the stars and leading nearly up to the present, Vivenne had dreamed about other worlds. She had been willing to dream about anyth...
Varenna Sungale
Boink, Marry, Kill
"Boink, marry, kill." "W—what?" "You heard me! Boink marry kill. You have to pick one for each." "N-no! That's silly..." "You must pick! I am bored so I take it out on you. Shall I repeat your opt...
Varenna Sungale
Seeing Stars
In Deliverance Point, alone at the top of a grassy green hill which was for the moment free of any felbats or infernals, Vivenne sat staring at the sky. She liked the sky. It was her favorite new thin...