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Topic: Write Every Week

Varenna Sungale
Seeing Stars
In Deliverance Point, alone at the top of a grassy green hill which was for the moment free of any felbats or infernals, Vivenne sat staring at the sky. She liked the sky. It was her favorite new thin...
Varenna Sungale
Wrong Turn
The farm girl's name was Emily, and she had made at least one dreadful mistake. Exactly which of her mistakes had been the dreadful one was a matter of perspective. There were several strong candidate...
Varenna Sungale
Varenna spoke eight separate languages, had fought with six significant armies, and had lived and studied with five different major religions that worshipped the Light. She had spent years simply tryi...
Varenna Sungale
There was a knock. Shallows sat bolt upright from where she had fallen asleep on her piece-of-shit living room sofa. She reacted so quickly she was already in motion before she had even properly regai...
Turn out your Pockets! (Kartanian) (WEW)
(( Pockets + Shapeshifter + Fire Festival writing prompt )) (( Playing catch-up a little by mixing three weeks’ worth of prompts. It has been a busy month. *grin* )) “Turn out your pockets, shapeshif...