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Topic: shadow

Bricu Bittertongue
The pattern was bloody annoying. Familiar, but annoying. Eight hours of sleep. Eight hours of work. Eight hours of rest. He cheated often--cutting out a few hours of rest to spend time with Naiara, Ti...
Topics: Shadow
Bricu Bittertongue
Penumbra: Shadow Excised
Bricu doesn’t move when he meditates. It’s unsettling. Normally, when he meditates at home, he sits on a mat, his feet folded onto his thighs, his hands in a triangle above his belly. He can sit--an...
Bricu Bittertongue
Penumbra: Ink The ink was still not ready and time was up. It had rested in the bottom of a moonwell for over a month, in a container designed to focus starlight. Bricu lied when he said he understo...
Topics: ink, shadow, light, bricu, threnn
Shaila Teretha Viridiant
Of Sirens and Shadows
The sigils stirred the shadows. Feast, they cried. We must feast. Feed us and we shall serve forever. “Hush.” Yva danced over the circle, feet bare and crusted with blood. The shadows thrummed with...
Topics: Annalea, Yva, Shadow
Bricu Bittertongue
Penumbra: Hobbled (draft)
This occurs before the chess game. *Knock knock--Yva arrives bearing a plate full of pumpkin and banana bread. Barefoot, white cloak, a large, angry dead drake looming from the nearby rooftops* Bri...
Topics: light, shadow