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Tarquin ap Danwyrith
((Friends, Guildies, Server-Mates))
Lend me your ears; I come to bury Tarquin, not to praise him. Well, not bury, exactly. Retire peacefully, off to the side, where he will be no harm to anyone and requires absolutely no supervision o...
Solenath Dusksworn
[Printed on fliers and posted in discreet locations in Silvermoon, the Cartel affiliate cities, and the SI:7 unofficial business bulletin board] HENCHPERSONS WANTED (Interview by appointment). Seek...
Tarquin ap Danwyrith
The Show Must Go On
It was a crisp winter’s day, the kind you only really got in Stormwind, with a high bright sun and cold air that woke you up as good as a cup of coffee. A day for early rising, and a quick pace to kee...
Yva Darrows
Redemption of the Ashbough, Part One.
Kidnapping giant elven women took planning. Direct confrontation was always an option, but a small contingent of soldiers was a noteworthy thing. Especially when said soldiers were sent to a domicil...
Shaila Teretha Viridiant
Grim Determination
Rahna sat hunched over at the table in the dimly lit tavern, eyes fixed onto the rum in her mug. Long black hair hung limply from her head, her mouth in a seemingly perpetual frown. She thought about ...
Topics: Hexerei, Rahna, Warlocks