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In the Shadow
The exhausted shadowcaster had fallen asleep in his armor, still wreathed in shadows. They ebbed and flowed with the tempo of his dreams. At first they had twisted slowly, sinuously around him. Now th...
Marjolaine LaVey
The Sun-Seeking Void
Kornuk stood a little ways off from the teleport pad, eyeing the platoon of Horde forces assembled nearby. Mathair paced behind him. Petrus, as always, appeared unperturbed. “What are we waiting for?”...
Aroria Arcshine
Borrowed Books (Part 2)
They approached the house, climbing up the hillside in Elwynn forest. They’d taken care to not be noticed as they crossed through the human kingdom and now as they neared the top of the hill the stran...
Aroria Arcshine
Borrowed Books (Part 1)
Aroria arrived in Dalaran and headed towards the offices of the local Horde leadership. General Redshield again, she mused. That alone was interesting, she’d had little interaction with him since fi...
Marjolaine LaVey
Knock Knock Knockin' on Nether's Door
Convincing Anna to take a break from demon slaying was no easy feat, but one her ghoul had managed today - only an hour, tops, she figured, but it was better than nothing. That gave Marjolaine plenty ...
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