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Phillip Browning
Journey to Light's Hope, Part III
They’d stopped to camp near the Thondroril River. Mayanna had been particularly careful about selecting and setting up their campsite this time, even more so than usual. They had been able to get som...
Good Afternoon, Mr. Browning
Lexi approached the Browning house in the evening after she closed the charity. She had been given the address by one of the guards that she knew at Joseph’s station. The guards in Old Town had gotten...
Elwynn Retirement Community
Phillip stuck his head into the kitchen to see if Lejian was there. “Hi! Here, I’ll finish getting breakfast ready, you can have a look at the proposal draft.” He lay a few pages on the table and sidl...
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Phillip Browning
Journey to Light's Hope, Part II
Two days later, they arrived at Chillwind Camp. Phillip was not quite as wide-eyed as he viewed their surroundings, although he still enjoyed all the new scenery. He had tried to be useful when they ...
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Phillip Browning
Journey to Light's Hope, Part I
Phillip stood in front of Welcome Home, his satchel on his shoulder. He fidgeted nervously, glancing up and down the street--he didn't know which way General Stonewood would be coming from. A few of t...