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Ghyslain Greyhawk
Night Terrors, Part II
The barrows, a place she knew well but she wasn’t sure why, she moved her way down the hall, metal boots clanking on the granite, scraping as she did not lift her foot quite enough. She was worried, e...
Topics: nightmare, druids
Ghyslain Greyhawk
Night Terrors, Part I
Deep in the emerald heart of Val’sharah, the Dreamweavers were doing all they could to staunch the corruption seeping through their sacred groves. The Nightmare’s influence persisted, however, and tho...
Topics: nightmare, druids
A Date with Undeath
Legerdemain Lounge. The bar was bustling this evening. Aside from the usual crowd, there were a number of extremely well-dressed patrons. Many stopped for a drink or snack, but most headed directly fo...
Return to Discomfort, A Journal Entry
Fourth month, eighth day.Dalaran. Never thought I'd step foot in this blasted city. And not simply because it's a hotbed of arcane magics. I won't sit here and deny that I'd paid a visit here while I ...
Welcome Home, Short short - Sheeren
Sheeren Oakenfell, was one of a kind, at least that is what all her friends said. Half-dwarf, half-human, golden toned skin with long strawberry blonde braids that reached past her waist. She had a ha...
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