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Of Course She Did
The charity had just closed when there was a knock at the rear door. Lexi had sent Lejian home already and was working on a letter to Lady Carrens asking for a meeting to talk about other avenues of c...
Phillip Browning
Searching for the Runaway
Darrell Browning approached the reception area with his usual deliberate stride. The teenager sitting behind it looked apprehensive as the man leaned on the desk, looming over her. “My name is Darrell...
Marjolaine LaVey
Going to the Faire II
(( Warning: Still NSFW. )) The moon had risen fully by the time they finally made their way back to the fair. The band was playing one last song, and a few of the games were still running. They stro...
Topics: zombie love
Marjolaine LaVey
Going to the Faire I
(( Warning: NSFW. )) Zantoris lounged at one of the tables near the door, sipping a mug of Tideskorn mead. He was freshly washed and wearing his civilian clothes, a plain shirt and trousers. The lu...
Topics: zombie love
Phillip Browning
“You’re going where?” Darrell Browning put down his pliers and stared at his son. “Light’s Hope.” Phillip spoke quietly. “It’s in the Plaguelands.” “I know where Light’s Hope is.” Darrell removed hi...
Short Lived: A Journal Entry
Tenth month, sixth day.(Well, this entry won't be short...)There's an old saying that's come to mind tonight. One that's transcended just humans. I think. It originated years and years and years ago a...
A Trifle Damp
(( Write Every Week: Water )) “This is NOT what I had in mind!” Kartanian called out from below. He scrambled for purchase on the rocks, slick with feather-like wisps of tidal vegetation. The waves...
Varenna Sungale
Latte, 1 & 2
I. Argus didn't have seasons. It made sense. As worlds went it barely was one. Felfire and molten stone weren't the sort of thing to be overly affected by a planetary axis, if Argus even had one of ...
Not Unless There's A Body
Mayanna read through the message and frowned. Not again…, she thought to herself. It had only been a few weeks since the last time Zantoris was reported dead. This time, she was skeptical. She read ...
Shadow Ops
Kornuk lay prone at the crest of the ridge, peering through his telescope at the tower. “Ten guards,” he murmured in heavily-accented Common. “Six patrolling the base and four on the ramparts.” He pas...
Job Offer
Redshield strode into the kitchen, where his sister was preparing lunch. “I know, I’m late. Where is he?” Lynlavea waved towards the stairs. “He’s in Teeda’s room. She wanted to have a tea party.” “...
Zantoris lounged about in front of the Stormwind bank, whistling a popular tune as he waited for Lexi. Both his armor and himself were freshly cleaned. He didn’t normally wear his armor in town, but h...
Marjolaine LaVey
That Blessed Estrangement
Marjolaine rapped a brisk melody onto the door of Lexi’s quarters, withdrawing her knuckles to beam a warm smile in preparation for the priestess’s appearance. The topic the ghoul had a mind to discus...
Topics: ghoul talk
Mayanna Stonewood
The Mystery Paladin Returns
Mayanna had several business matters to tend to in the city during the time that she had to visit while she was away from the fighting. She had started early, but made it to Welcome Home by mid-mornin...
Visiting the Bishop Again
The predawn light was just enough to light the way. Two young people walked past the docks towards the church-run rest home, talking quietly, making their daily morning visit to Bishop Randel. Randel...
Topics: welcome home