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Smithing, A Journal Entry
Third month, twenty second day.Good news. The armor I commissioned to wear that's specifically designed to help me better fight the Legion is almost done. I'm fairly pleased about this, considering it'...
Bricu Bittertongue
The pattern was bloody annoying. Familiar, but annoying. Eight hours of sleep. Eight hours of work. Eight hours of rest. He cheated often--cutting out a few hours of rest to spend time with Naiara, Ti...
Topics: Shadow
Welcome Home Short Shorts - Gregory
Gregory Genteal was the name he went by, no one knew the name he was born by as he was left at the cathedral at birth. The orphanage had another name for him, as did one or two of the companies that h...
Kayasi Sparkbolt
Unexpected Surprise
(( Done in collaboration with Desala )) A brief flash of magic came just moments before a short, black-haired gnome in white robes appeared in the middle of the street. She looked around, trying...
Introducing the General
Even though Welcome Home was closed that day, Lexi had made arrangements to meet with Mayanna so they could discuss the issue with Anna. With Marjolaine ensconced in her cabin, they decided to meet at...
Taoshi of the White Tiger
Bonds, Chapter 13 (Finale)
(Author's Note: Hi! Thank you for joining me in this project. I've made it habitual to try something new with each story I put out and this time, it was an awkward experiment to displace Taoshi in rea...
Welcome Home Short Shorts - Gus
((As I write through Welcome Home with others I am finding recurring NPC's in my head so I thought I would start writing them out to share if any of you were interested. Here is the first, Gus)) Gust...
Arrogance, a Journal Entry Addenum
Second month, twenty eighth dayTurns out...So my information network, or in this case, Longshot, has revealed to me why I've been pushed from the exercise. Aaand it turns out not only have I been push...
Arrogance, A Journal Entry
Second month, twenty sixth day.I meant to get this put down yesterday evening as is my usual tradition, but I was so steamed, I didn't think I'd be able to be objective.That said, the General in charg...
Taoshi of the White Tiger
Bonds, Chapter 12
Thanks to the tiger's stealth, the unlikely duo managed to avoid Mandori Village and a great deal of the monks therein. It was uncanny the way the tiger seemed to know its way around the island. It wa...
Taoshi of the White Tiger
Bonds, Chapter 11
Taoshi turned her head to see a tiger stalking up, its steps graceful and silent. "H-hello there! Mister Tiger? Miss Tiger? I do not know." Taoshi said, trying her best to keep a smile on her face. ...
Welcome Home - Zantoris Arrival
((Thank you for the lovely RP Kayla)) The older building in Old Town was nondescript except for the wooden sign over the door that said Welcome Home. On the side of the building there was a horseshoe...
Alanth N'otelyle
A long overdue goodbye
So this has been a long time coming and I feel like I should finally get it over with. I'm obviously no longer playing WoW, RPing in any way and honestly don't see myself ever returning in any meanin...
Taoshi of the White Tiger
Bonds, Chapter 10
Taoshi excused herself from the table after having had her fill of dinner; Glazed tiger steak, sautéed carrots, buttered leeks, fresh buns and all the ginseng tea she could drink. She took a couple bu...
Taoshi of the White Tiger
Bonds, Chapter 9
The day was gorgeous. The sun bled through a thin cloud cover, the breeze carried the sounds of training monks, and Taoshi's belly was full of good food. None of it mattered to her. No matter how nice...