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Laelithra Evensong
Double Dealing Demon (Hunter)
Laelithra was tired. It had been a long day, to say the very least, and she wanted nothing more than to drop facefirst into bed and fall asleep. Rastovaar was due to be home in a few hours, off killin...
Kolten Alveren
Making Friends in Mac'aree
It was extremely unlikely, after all this time, that there would be anything left of value to find in the ruins of Mac’aree. Certainly the demons would have scoured the place for anything of potential...
Lost Squad of Invasion Point Four
Kornuk and his team, minus Zantoris, waited in Redshield’s office. The general was meeting other commanding officers, receiving their official reports of the disastrous mission, but the team had alrea...
Marjolaine LaVey
Girl Talk
The main room of Nikana’s shop was set up as a workspace, showroom, and a place to meet clients. The last function was served by an arrangement of comfortable chairs and sofas in one corner, intersper...
Phillip Browning
“Again,” commanded Artuun. “You are focussing on your center. You are bringing the Light from within, to be forming shield. Light is surrounding you.” Phillip obediently focussed on the warm, constan...