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Varenna Sungale
Seeing Stars
In Deliverance Point, alone at the top of a grassy green hill which was for the moment free of any felbats or infernals, Vivenne sat staring at the sky. She liked the sky. It was her favorite new thin...
End of the World Party at Unit 17
Lieutenant Carson could hear the chatter as he approached the mess hall; it sounded like everyone off-duty was in there. At least he cleared it with me this time. He ducked through the door and looked...
Laelithra Evensong
A Fate Worse than Death
((Written with Mayanna)) Laelithra needed time away from the front. Even a demon hunter could only manage so many days fighting without rest. So, she’d sent a message ahead to Rastovaar that she wou...
A Weapon of the Light (WEW)
(( written with Kiyera )) The healer looked at his shoulder with an eyebrow raised in a skeptical arch. “You could heal this yourself. Easily.” She regarded his face and stared into his eyes, looki...
Back on the Front
Zantoris dropped off his rucksack in the barracks, greeted the few soldiers who were about, and headed for the HQ. He met the Lieutenant approaching from another direction. “I was just coming to check...