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IC Correspondence

Marjolaine LaVey
That Blessed Estrangement
Marjolaine rapped a brisk melody onto the door of Lexi’s quarters, withdrawing her knuckles to beam a warm smile in preparation for the priestess’s appearance. The topic the ghoul had a mind to discus...
Topics: ghoul talk
Marjolaine LaVey
Inquisitive Minds Want to Know
The dead of night - the perfect time for letter writing, and so Marjolaine found herself at her Master’s desk with a fresh roll of parchment and the familiar inkwell, her lacquered wooden lockbox near...
Marjolaine LaVey
Dead Letters
A sturdy wooden desk. A calm, monastic study. A fresh, bright sheet of parchment, and at its side, a pen and inkwell. A burning candle, a stick of wax, and her master's seal. All the tools were ready...
Marjolaine LaVey
A Survey for My Glorious, Benevolent Friend and Master
Kind, Gentle Master - Good morning! Since we're now best friends and I am your eternally grateful (and ever-present) servitor, I thought I should know more about you and your preferences in order to ...
Topics: best friends
Florinai Al'dien
Involuntary Recruitment, Lorelli
One early morning two SI:7 agents are found blind-hooded and left in front of Flo's garrison. When asked how they came to be there they would admit they had been attached to Tymara and Thornwood's gar...