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IC Correspondence

Marjolaine LaVey
Inquisitive Minds Want to Know
The dead of night - the perfect time for letter writing, and so Marjolaine found herself at her Master’s desk with a fresh roll of parchment and the familiar inkwell, her lacquered wooden lockbox near...
Marjolaine LaVey
Dead Letters
A sturdy wooden desk. A calm, monastic study. A fresh, bright sheet of parchment, and at its side, a pen and inkwell. A burning candle, a stick of wax, and her master's seal. All the tools were ready...
Marjolaine LaVey
A Survey for My Glorious, Benevolent Friend and Master
Kind, Gentle Master - Good morning! Since we're now best friends and I am your eternally grateful (and ever-present) servitor, I thought I should know more about you and your preferences in order to ...
Topics: best friends
Florinai Al'dien
Involuntary Recruitment, Lorelli
One early morning two SI:7 agents are found blind-hooded and left in front of Flo's garrison. When asked how they came to be there they would admit they had been attached to Tymara and Thornwood's gar...
Florinai Al'dien
Scouting the Shadowmoon, Arioh Starshadow
--This note is written in a less overwrought, flowing hand, but rather in tight, slanting writing in a more direct diction.-- Flo, Followed one of the orc scouts. It's definitely the Shadowmoon Clan...