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Tirith Elohn
not actually fixed rupture at all
Tirith Elohn
Rogue Weakauras
Insight tracker (breaks on spec switch occasionally, just get to green insight by SS'ing three times and it fixes itself): dCuesaGijYLaPQrbIofi5vGuPMLqGBHqTlKIHHGJrfwgQYZOsMMIQRHk2MsPVjumoa6CcvENqP7jK...
Daring P. Shadowmore
Family Jewels - Prologue
"....And last but not least.." The clerk said, slamming a large stamp onto a puddle of molten royal blue wax. "There we are. Welcome back to the land of the living, Commander." Daring Shadowmore smile...
Honnete frien uv Silky
Icecrown Citadel
{{This was written some time ago, before Mists of Pandaria was released. I wanted to find a way to explain how my character got to take part in the battles of Icecrown Citadel. Feel free to request tr...
Yva Darrows
Happy Homecomings.
Yva pushed a box down the stairs. It wasn’t a big box, but picking it up meant getting close to him and she wasn't about to do that. She let it thud to the floor in the living room and went to get h...