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In the Shadow
The exhausted shadowcaster had fallen asleep in his armor, still wreathed in shadows. They ebbed and flowed with the tempo of his dreams. At first they had twisted slowly, sinuously around him. Now th...
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Raising Dragons
(( SPOILERS! This whole thing is a spoiler for the Death Knight class mount quest chain. Stop reading here if you want to avoid spoilers! You have been warned! )) (( Written with Kartanian, of course...
Hinote Kirase
Eye of Destruction: Part the Third
(( Slight violence warning for this one! )) Part Three: The Namesake Imbued now with the mark of the Firelands, Hinote’s weapon was nearly finished. Or rather, it was nearly started; what she had de...
Hinote Kirase
Eye of Destruction: Part the Second
Part Two: The Infusion It was a longshot, but tracking down the Twilight’s Hammer elemental-smith had paid off: Hinote now had the beginnings of a weapon that would serve her for some time. It wasn’t...
Hinote Kirase
Eye of Destruction: Part the First
Part One: The Framework To begin with, she needed something strong. Very strong. Durable enough to withstand not just the rigors of combat, but the considerable infernal energy that would ultimately ...