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Ficlet: Romance

Lunadelle Moonwhisper
A Chilly Reception
(( How did Lunadelle and Kartanian meet, anyway? )) (( Thanks to Kartanian for the back-and-forth on this, as always! )) “It’s Winter Veil, Luna,” Kartanian smirked. “Yes, it is,” I replied. “I lik...
Aladorn Truestar
A Master's Final Wish
((Written with Xija, who honestly did most of the heavy lifting)) Identifying exactly where Master Zhishu was being tended to within the Wandering Isle infirmary was usually an easy task. The aging p...
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Hearing Voices
(( Spoilers for the Death Knight story in Legion, and Legion in general, I suppose. )) I couldn’t believe it! He had managed to pull off in one fell swoop what I had been banging my head against for...
What Price Justice? – Episode 5, The Shower Scene
He hadn’t expected to catch the priestess bathing, but that’s how it worked out. Rather than announce himself, Kartanian merely waited and watched. Alathea, Priestess of Elune, was washing the battle ...
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
A Fel Wind Blows Little Good
(( Legion spoilers included )) (( Thanks to Kartanian for the "back and forth!" I'm hooking this into his series. )) The sounds of Rangarii training in the yard came in through the open window of For...