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Ficlet: Family/home life

A Weapon of the Light (WEW)
(( written with Kiyera )) The healer looked at his shoulder with an eyebrow raised in a skeptical arch. “You could heal this yourself. Easily.” She regarded his face and stared into his eyes, looki...
A Little Winter Veil Gift
Prralaraan curled his lip and threw the empty lightning ale bottle off the parapet. It whirled end over end through the biting cold more than one hundred yards to the rocks far below where he and Kart...
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
A Chilly Reception
(( How did Lunadelle and Kartanian meet, anyway? )) (( Thanks to Kartanian for the back-and-forth on this, as always! )) “It’s Winter Veil, Luna,” Kartanian smirked. “Yes, it is,” I replied. “I lik...
Living Will
(( Thank you to Runesoul for writing with me! )) Zeksis sat in silent meditation in Stormwind’s memorial garden, focusing inward as she awaited the arrival of Master Runesoul. Her earlier meeting wi...
Topics: demons
Desala Ansurantian
The Gift of Water
The back area was cleared. Ulfrick, the previous owner of her current home, did not have much stored there, just old records and those she had moved to a spare room, along with his other personal item...