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Ficlet: Introspection

Kiyera Demari
Setting Souls Straight
(( with Anna Stormbow )) RECAP: BUZZBOX CHATTER Anna Stormbow: Does anyone know a soul priest who can help me with something? Kartanian: Soul priest? Maybe. What qualifies as a soul priest? AS: Som...
Home is Where the Heart Is
The morning sun’s rays streamed into Welcome Home’s kitchen, illuminating a shivering kettle just on the verge of a boil and a tray of Lexi’s breakfast pastries cooling on the counter. Lexi’s assistan...
Topics: welcome home
A Weapon of the Light (WEW)
(( written with Kiyera )) The healer looked at his shoulder with an eyebrow raised in a skeptical arch. “You could heal this yourself. Easily.” She regarded his face and stared into his eyes, looki...
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Raising Dragons
(( SPOILERS! This whole thing is a spoiler for the Death Knight class mount quest chain. Stop reading here if you want to avoid spoilers! You have been warned! )) (( Written with Kartanian, of course...
Anryl Sunflare
Snippet: At the Filthy Animal
… don’t have really any friends right now… She didn’t. It was the truth. Like she had been before everything started, she was alone again. Sure Ammo and Remy were there, and the two wolves were her ...