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Ficlet: Introspection

Bricu Bittertongue
The pattern was bloody annoying. Familiar, but annoying. Eight hours of sleep. Eight hours of work. Eight hours of rest. He cheated often--cutting out a few hours of rest to spend time with Naiara, Ti...
Topics: Shadow
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Little Problems, Little Lies
I was sitting on the little balcony above the Lounge. For once, Kartanian was sleeping and I was awake. Of course, I don't have to sleep, but I try so hard to pretend.... When I looked back at him sle...
Living Will
(( Thank you to Runesoul for writing with me! )) Zeksis sat in silent meditation in Stormwind’s memorial garden, focusing inward as she awaited the arrival of Master Runesoul. Her earlier meeting wi...
Topics: demons
Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Goddess, You've Changed!
(( Spoilers for the Death Knight story in Legion )) “Siri!” “Luna!” We rushed toward each other and hugged like long-lost sisters. Siri seemed sightless behind an opaque bandage over her eyes, and...
Hinote Kirase
Eye of Destruction: Part the Second
Part Two: The Infusion It was a longshot, but tracking down the Twilight’s Hammer elemental-smith had paid off: Hinote now had the beginnings of a weapon that would serve her for some time. It wasn’t...