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Ficlet: Intrigue

Not Too Far from Routine
(( written with Mayanna )) Kartanian stepped casually into the Lounge and glanced about professionally. He was wearing his Kal’dorei guise at the moment. Tall, broad-shouldered, leather-clad, and pu...
Jol ap Taborwynn
The Word
A visit to Hearthglen had not been intended, but a welcome respite before charging off to the Broken Isles. Jol ap Taborwynn had taken his time traveling by horseback from Tyr’s Hand, a sobering and a...
Bricu Bittertongue
Gin Fizz
The best part about Old Town is that anyone and everyone comes through at least once in their life. Wealthy folk on a dare. Con men looking marks. Merchants looking for a cheap sale. Pilgrims looking...
Turn out your Pockets! (Kartanian) (WEW)
(( Pockets + Shapeshifter + Fire Festival writing prompt )) (( Playing catch-up a little by mixing three weeks’ worth of prompts. It has been a busy month. *grin* )) “Turn out your pockets, shapeshif...
Marjolaine LaVey
Death Is In Fashion
Between A Hero’s Welcome and the Greyfang Enclave were a number of three- and four-story buildings housing shops, cafes, and apartments. Nikana’s address led to this area; her studio was located on th...