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Ficlet: Intrigue

Marjolaine LaVey
Knock Knock Knockin' on Nether's Door
Convincing Anna to take a break from demon slaying was no easy feat, but one her ghoul had managed today - only an hour, tops, she figured, but it was better than nothing. That gave Marjolaine plenty ...
Topics: damn it zan
Prelude to the Second Job, or "Finely Tooled Leather"
(( Also a Subtlety "Specialization" story for "Write Every Week" )) “Message delivered. Now I wait to see whether Master Mordin offers that second job.” Kartanian glanced about the Lounge. The plac...
What Master Mordin did not Say
“Well, this is very interesting!” Kartanian mused aloud as he re-read the message. Lunadelle looked up from her maps and reports. “What’s interesting?” “Information from our mysterious Master Mordin...
I found them working their way down across Amberfall Mesa. As expected. Sir Edward Bainsbury, the Lord’s son and lieutenant. The young pride of the Black Roses of Talakara company. A veteran of dozens...
Not Too Far from Routine
(( written with Mayanna )) Kartanian stepped casually into the Lounge and glanced about professionally. He was wearing his Kal’dorei guise at the moment. Tall, broad-shouldered, leather-clad, and pu...