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Ficlet: Intrigue

Marjolaine LaVey
Death Is In Fashion
Between A Hero’s Welcome and the Greyfang Enclave were a number of three- and four-story buildings housing shops, cafes, and apartments. Nikana’s address led to this area; her studio was located on th...
A Little Winter Veil Gift
Prralaraan curled his lip and threw the empty lightning ale bottle off the parapet. It whirled end over end through the biting cold more than one hundred yards to the rocks far below where he and Kart...
Azkalet Felstalker
Setting the Snare
Sentinels usually evoked a certain image - lithe, impossibly flawless beauties clad in moon-kissed armor, their loveliness matched only by their ferocity. Trevara Windshear spat in the eye of that par...
Azkalet Felstalker
Under Wraps
(( Written with the lovely and talented Desala. Thank you, as always! )) If Old Town was Stormwind’s seedy mistress, then In a Bind was the frilly garter around her thigh. The display window housed ...
Living Will
(( Thank you to Runesoul for writing with me! )) Zeksis sat in silent meditation in Stormwind’s memorial garden, focusing inward as she awaited the arrival of Master Runesoul. Her earlier meeting wi...
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