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Ficlet: Action

Azkalet Felstalker
Lack of Vision
(( Or: Bad Things Happen to Wranir. As such, please be warned that this fic contains graphic violence. Endless thanks to Kalenir and Desala, both for writing and for involving me in this plot! )) Sh...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
Killing Teacher - Doing the deed
Kat sat on the edge of the bench. They were behind relatively sheer curtains, but because they were shadowed it was much more difficult to see in to them than for them to see back out. She was fidgeti...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
Killing Teacher - Planning
"I'll admit it. It wasn't the wisest move I've ever made. It was just that he was practically in sight and I could almost feel my fingers around his neck. Busting down the door seemed a logical cou...
Alanth N'otelyle
The Final Lesson
The moment seemed to drag on for an eternity. His eyes unflinching as her body hurtled towards the frothing waters below, fingers still grasping at the air in vain as her form finally disappeared int...
Alanth N'otelyle
The Fall
His footsteps fell heavily as he walks through the twisting hallways of the ruined spire. The once majestic structure had been abandoned since The Fall and had been a haven for all manner of malconte...