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Ficlet: Action

Marjolaine LaVey
The Sun-Seeking Void
Kornuk stood a little ways off from the teleport pad, eyeing the platoon of Horde forces assembled nearby. Mathair paced behind him. Petrus, as always, appeared unperturbed. “What are we waiting for?”...
What Master Mordin did not Say
“Well, this is very interesting!” Kartanian mused aloud as he re-read the message. Lunadelle looked up from her maps and reports. “What’s interesting?” “Information from our mysterious Master Mordin...
Marjolaine LaVey
Chasing Shadows
(( WARNING: Violence, creepiness, implied granny goosing, implied one-way ticket to the bonezone. )) Anna rode along the dusty, abandoned path in silence. She alternated between keeping watch on th...
I found them working their way down across Amberfall Mesa. As expected. Sir Edward Bainsbury, the Lord’s son and lieutenant. The young pride of the Black Roses of Talakara company. A veteran of dozens...
Ghyslain Greyhawk
Night Terrors, Part II
The barrows, a place she knew well but she wasn’t sure why, she moved her way down the hall, metal boots clanking on the granite, scraping as she did not lift her foot quite enough. She was worried, e...
Topics: nightmare, druids