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Double Dealing Demon (Hunter)

Laelithra was tired. It had been a long day, to say the very least, and she wanted nothing more than to drop facefirst into bed and fall asleep. Rastovaar was due to be home in a few hours, off killing some demons on the front, and she had just come back from a rather extended bit of demon slaughter herself.

She still had the trinket stolen from Helya with her, and hadn’t trusted anywhere to be secure enough to stash it. Part of her wanted to hand it over and be done with this deal, and part of her thought it might be helpful in keep another bargain she’d made, so she had been...holding off on contacting the mysterious mage who had forced this bargain on her in the first place.

Sighing, Laelithra pulled the door open and snapped it shut, yawning as she staggered into her room. Her attention was chiefly focused on the bed she was eager to slip into, and she had even bumped into one or two people on her way up the stairs from sheer, exhausted inattention.

“I had expected to hear from you days ago,” a familiar voice muttered softly from the shadows. “Just been… busy?”

Laelithra’s head snapped up and she hissed through her teeth in anger. She was as angry at herself for failing to notice the presence of someone in her room as she was at him for intruding.

“How the fuck did you get in here?” she growled.

He closed and set aside a book, something he’d somehow apparently been reading in the dim light. “I would think that you’d have plenty of ideas as to how someone might get in and out of places uninvited.”

“You can tell me while I’m pulling pieces off of you,” she growled, fists clenched as she turned toward him. She crossed the room in two long strides, her breath hissing out in fel green clouds of rage.

“Have you forgotten your friend? Or do you not care if my people claim her?” He remained in the chair, the one Rastovaar favored, and calmly brushed a bit of lint from his robes as the demon hunter stalked closer.
“Get out,” Laelithra gritted. “I told you I’d get you what you wanted, and I will. You’re not putting me on a timetable. You can try, but you won’t make it home to your masters if you do.”

“Except that you have it already, don’t you?” Mordin’s humorless grin seemed more suited to a snake than a human. “I only came to claim it before it gets lost.”

She could lie, she supposed. But there didn’t seem to be much point in anything like that. Better to find some other way around the issue. “Yes, I have it. I’m not ready to give it to you yet, and if you press the issue, I’ll kill you. I think your masters are more interested in this than they are in you, anyway. That’s generally how that works.”

“Not ready to give it to me?” Mordin stood and began pacing thoughtfully. “How curious, what could you want it for?”

“Nothing that you need concern yourself with,” she said flatly.

“An item with necromantic power imbued into it in your possession, and a partner who is currently… Shall we say that he is not on good terms with his former employer?” The pacing stopped and Mordin’s gaze turned to focus on Laelithra. “One wonders if those things might be related.”

“Yes,” Laelithra said, hands in the air. “You’ve caught me. I want to be the new Lich Queen. I thought I could claim the Frozen Throne for myself and then my partner as you put it would never be in danger from any undead thing again.”

“Not that the idea isn’t intriguing, but you would certainly need something far more powerful than the trinket you currently have for that.” He paused, almost seeming to be pondering what it truly would take. “Regardless, you want the Lich King off your back. I can appreciate that. I think that we can reach an agreement here.”

Laelithra shifted her weight slightly. That wasn’t the response she had expected, and more than that...the way he seemed to actually entertain the notion that she might want to become the Lich Queen was...unsettling. Frowning slightly, she took half a step back. “What sort of agreement?” she asked cautiously.

He shrugged slightly. “You keep the item for as long as you require to do whatever it is that you have in mind. In exchange, you use it to help you deliver something to us. Not unreasonable, right?”

“I don’t know. That would depend a lot on what you wanted me to deliver to you,” she said cautiously.

“There is a creature, a creation of a warlock from Draenor, that is of interest to us. A combination of fel and necromancy that we have not seen before. We would like to have it to study it more closely.” He gestured towards Laelithra’s massive warglaives, “I have heard it is powerful but certainly within your capabilities, yes?”

Laelithra managed to stifle a groan, but only just. She was...relatively sure that there would be no way to secure two of the creature. But...maybe there was something she could make work with this. “I suppose you have some idea where it is?” she asked. “And, I’m more about killing things than capturing them. Somehow I’m guessing a corpse aren’t enough.”

“That trinket that you have should be plenty to help you find it and capture it. Especially in combination with your other talents.” Mordin gestured towards the few possessions that Rastovaar had left laying out in the room “You have a convenient test subject to try it on before turning it on your prey.”

“You’re absolutely out of your mind if you think I’m going to use that on him,” Laelithra said with not a little venom, her flaming eye sockets blazing furiously. She’d been meaning to keep it to help him, after all, not to make him her guinea pig.

Mordin only shrugged. “It is only a suggestion. Better to know how it works before confronting an opponent, but I leave the details to you. Is the agreement satisfactory?”

Laelithra considered for a moment how she might be able to make this work. It would surely involve going to the lesser of the two evils and asking for help. It...sickened her to know that this meant she was going to actually ask the Lich King to help her stop the Legion, though at least he had an interest in that. Playing both ends against the middle would be dangerous here, but if she had to choose between Rastovaar and Desala....

“Yes, it is,” she said.

“Wonderful, I look forward to seeing the results of your work, Miss Evensong.” His bow carried only the slightest hint of a taunt, then he went to the door.

“Come back here again and you’ll get to see my work firsthand,” Laelithra growled, following him out to be absolutely sure that he left.

The strange mage was already out of sight. Either he moved very quickly, or had departed by some mystical means.

Laelithra snapped the door shut and turned around, sitting on the bed. She was going to have to talk to a mage about securing their home, it seemed.

Nearly an hour later, Rastovaar wearily turned his key in the lock of their room and opened the door. Though under normal conditions he could keep going without ever tiring, he’d suffered a few serious strikes during his fights that had forced him to call on his powers to heal himself. That was always tiring and he was glad to be home.

Laelithra, by then, was laying face-up on the bed, staring toward the ceiling. It was something of a strange, almost funereal pose, but looking skyward gave her the best view of, well, nothing. It was as close as she could generally come to closing her eyes, as she presently lacked lids. She stared up ahead, not immediately responding to the door opening.

“That you?” she asked Rastovaar as he opened the door.

“Vhere you expecting some other handsome draenei death knight?” He chuckled softly as his hooves thudded dully on the carpeted floor. “I vaz expecting you to be asleep, iz something wrong?”

“I was, actually. Would you mind leaving for a couple hours? He’s hung like an elekk and I really think it’d be awkward if you were here when he gets here,” she said instead of responding to the second part of his question.

“If he iz that gifted, I vant to meet him.” He sat at the edge of the bed, one large calloused hand began to run lightly over Lael’s side.

“You don’t like guys. Besides, it’ll just make you jealous, and I don’t need you trying to sew something bigger onto yourself to fill the proverbial gap,” Laelithra said with a snicker.

“Bah, it matterz nothing if he does not know vhat to do vith it.” His fingers moved up to brush at her hair. “Really, though, I have not seen you like thiz in a long time. Vhat iz bothering you?”

Laelithra snickered again. “That’s what you men always tell yourselves. Sometimes it’s enough that we know what to do with it.” She turns to look at him. “Huh? Nothing’s wrong,” she says. “Why?”

“Because the only timez that I see you unable to fall asleep at the slightest opportunity iz vhen your mind iz racing.” He hesitated a moment, “It happened a lot before all thiz started.”

“Did it?” she asked curiously. “Well, I guess if anything, I’ve just been thinking about all this mess and Illidan putting a planet in the sky. Seems like it’s not going to go anywhere good.”

His own expression fell at the thought of Argus. “Not until ve can get into Antorus, no. Ve vill though.”

“I know,” Laelithra said. “It’s just...I dunno. This Illidari thing. Illidan is insane. Also a complete asshole. How long until he takes all this and turns it around and people are forced to kill him? Again?”

It wasn’t exactly a lie. That thought had been plaguing her. If that day came, when that day came, she would be expected to side with Illidan. Only...she wouldn’t. And she wasn’t sure if that would work for her, because demon hunters had never really been popular, or even tolerated very well, in the wider world.

“Sometime before or after they have to do the same to the Lich King.” Rastovaar shrugged. “Vhen either happenz, ve vill find a vay to make do.”

“Well, Illidan is less likely to destroy the entire world when he goes off the deep end. I mean, I think he’s already way off it, and so is the Lich King, but…” she sighed. “Still, I don’t like how many enemies we have sitting on our doorstep.”

“No, neither do I, but vhy iz thiz all bothering you now?” Rastovaar’s hands shifted again, he moved and began rubbing her feet.

“Because every time I look up I see it, and I guess that’s getting to me,” she said, pointing skyward. “I was trying to sleep. Didn’t really go my way.”

“It iz getting to me too,” Rastovaar admitted as he massaged her feet and legs. “It iz obvious that Argus vill never recover.”

“No,” she agreed. “It won’t. I’m...sorry. I don’t know...did you live there? Are you that old?” she asked, sighing as he began massaging her feet and legs, something she always enjoyed.

Rastovaar shook his head. “No, though not much younger. I vaz born on the ship az our people fled. Argus still haz a feeling of being home though. Ve alvayz hoped to go home again.”

“Not like this, though,” Laelithra said with a soft sigh. “It’s not a pretty sight from here. I can only imagine how it looks to you.”

“It iz certainly not az the histories described it.” He grunted softly. “My homevorld iz like me, a husk pretending to still live.” He shook his head, far more melancholy than was typical for him.

Laelithra frowned slightly. “Rastovaar...I’ve never seen you like this,” she said quietly. “Is it just seeing your homeworld like this, or something else?”

“I vaz talking to Desala and I think that I cannot stop thinking about how our world iz truly gone.”

Laelithra frowned again, biting her lower lip. “This is your world now,” she said, trying to put some confidence, or even reassurance in her voice.

He nodded. “It must be, there iz no vhere else. At least it haz so many beautiful ladiez.”

“I’d roll my eyes if I could,” Laelithra said. “Especially if that really is your metric for home, you hound.”

Rastovaar chuckled. “No, but it iz still a nice situation to be in. Especially az I live vith the most beautiful of them.”

“Well, that wasn’t the worst save I’ve ever seen,” Laelithra said. “But you might wanna work on it.”

“I vill keep that in mind,” he teased, then tickled the bottom of her foot.

Laelithra’s leg jerked, and she did her best to pull free of him. “Augh, stop that! You know I can’t take that!”

He laughed again then returned to massaging her foot, now focusing on the toes. “That iz vhy it iz funny. You are in a better mood now though.”

“Well, I suppose that’s true. Doesn’t make you any less of a pain in the ass sometimes,” Laelithra said, relaxing into the bed. “You know, with Argus here, this conflict is going to end soon one way or the other. What do you suppose happens after that? The Legion has always been about the worst thing in our world.”

“After? Ve lock ourselvez into our room together for at least a week and ignore everything else.” Rastovaar settled into the bed beside her, pulling her close.

She leaned against him. “Only a week?” she asked with a small smile. “Hopefully nothing important happens.”

“After all thiz, ve vill have earned the time off.”

“Yes. You’re absolutely right,” she agreed as she settled into the bed. “And then some.”

“Anything else on your mind?” Rastovaar asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

Laelithra leaned into him and shook her head. “No,” she said. “What about you?”

“Nothing beyond the troublez of the Legion and the Lich King. It iz a simple life, yez?”

“Oh, that’s all very easily solved,” Laelithra said with a sage nod. “Nothing to be worried about.”

“See? Nothing to vorry about.” He kissed the back of her neck. “You should get your rest.”

Laelithra nodded. “You, too,” she said. “You don’t usually look tired, but I can see you are today.” As she spoke, she leaned into him and curled her head in his shoulder slightly, using his necrotic aura to essentially blank out her vision.

“Sleep vell, my love,” he whispered softly in her ear as she settled into sleep.
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Laelithra Evensong
((Written with the wonderful (and evil) Mayanna.))
  • December 2, 2017
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Mayanna Stonewood
((Evil? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Smile ))
  • December 2, 2017
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