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Return to Discomfort, A Journal Entry

Fourth month, eighth day.

Dalaran. Never thought I'd step foot in this blasted city. And not simply because it's a hotbed of arcane magics. I won't sit here and deny that I'd paid a visit here while I was dating Yva, but my displeasure hasn't waned any. I don't expect it to either.

I'll give this city one thing: it was far less a nightmare than being on the ground in the camps of Northrend. At least up here, the smells of cheese, of wine, of the metal forges, and the scents of the flowers in the herb garden were a welcome change. It may have just been me, but all of it barely masked the odor of decay that emanated from the continent below. People here expertly avoided talking about the conflict below, at least while they were outside the Silver Encla- ... I guess it's the Greyfang Enclave now. It must have been renamed when the city was appropriated for the new campaign. Honestly? I don't blame them for the decision. It's just a pity they've only slapped on a fresh coat of paint.

I digress.

I arrived here early today by means of portal. Word had gotten out that the Burning Legion was ramping up its efforts to establish a foothold on our world, and I've been expecting deployment orders for quite some time now. Honestly, the timing couldn't have been better. It was either I leave for Dalaran, or I spend my day ripping the various Generals and Commanders a new ass for their constant bungling in the exercise that was supposed to prepare us for what's now actually here. There were far too many corners cut and liberties taken only to produce zero results. I couldn't accept my orders fast enough. Combined with my completed suit of armor and a few changes of clothes, I've also come with my entire crew of misfits. (Note to self, think up some sort of clever band name for everyone. Maybe present it to them to see what they think too.)

I've had to bring the Ice Queen up to speed with what's happened involving the Legion. I didn't have much to explain, since Velen had apparently graced them with a few stories back on Draenor. Rather a blessing, if I do say so myself. We're putting her magics to the test starting tomorrow. If she can produce ice as cold as she says she can, then her ability to control the pace of battle will be indispensable.

The Unseen has vanished again, not that I mind. Rumor has it there's a clandestine group who have their fingers in all sorts of pies somewhere around here. It stands to reason they'd seek my assassin. I'm just curious to know how they managed to pull it off. I've no plans to go seeking them, either. I'm not fond of those with deft fingers and hidden daggers, but even I can recognize those skills to be a boon in the right situation. Given the tenacity of the Legion? Stealth and guile will be as important a tool as holy magic.

Longshot will be here in due time, though I have a feeling those same Generals and Commanders are going to attempt to stall or cancel his deployment. Fortunately, I have a contingency plan in place if the latter happens. I also need to keep my eyes open for someone who knows the lay of the land a little better. I've got my eyes on the Illidari but they're a very focused ...faction. Unstable, too. Most likely a byproduct of whatever they dabble in. It looks similar to the demonic energies being flung around with reckless abandon out there. If I get the opportunity to sit down with one, I'll learn more. Otherwise, it's going to be business as usual.

For now, I'm going to see about a room and get some rest. Maybe I'll curl up in my old corner for old time's sake. I just have to remember that things have changed since then. Maybe I'll be able to keep the nightmares at bay knowing what I do now.
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