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Smithing, A Journal Entry

Third month, twenty second day.

Good news. The armor I commissioned to wear that's specifically designed to help me better fight the Legion is almost done. I'm fairly pleased about this, considering it's -actually- meant for this. Like ... it's 85% dedicated towards fighting the Legion. I kind of figured that the protections I had standardized after the last time this happened would have been enough, you know? I get a suit of armor, I'll throw on the necessary wards and call it a day. From that point on, I'm protected against all manner of things including demons. Demon spells, demon blood... you name it.

Guess I was mistaken.

Or was I?

I braved an investigation on my previous armor, the one I had crafted while on Draenor. (I'm still a bit choked on losing that one, I really liked it.) As it turns out, the wards and protection spells placed on it were completely burnt out. The energy put into them was just more. Like a cup that'd been emptied of its drink. I haven't a clue -when- the energies had completely depleted? But I'm pretty sure it was while I was knee deep in demon guts. I think it's pretty safe to say I went a little wild on the Legion's invasion. Not that it was bad? I don't think it was bad? I mean, I get a lot of that, "Be safe please," and, "You're going to get yourself killed," but I think I was actually pretty close this time.

So, a wise-ish idea has been employed. The Draenic armor has been sealed away in a warded glass display. If it can't be worn, it can at least be looked at. The wards are meant to seal in the minor demonic taint that it's sustained. There won't be anything to bleed out and infect the rest of my armory which is great because I kind of like it the way it is. Could do with another weapon stand though.


The new armor will have defenses in place to tackle corruption on all conceivable levels. It should also burn away any lingering taint I'd end up sustaining if I get into close combat with a Legionnaire - something I wholly expect will happen - and repel minor demons, like imps, at will. I've been consulting with a few other veterans of the Outland campaign to see what else I should be looking at and so far, some ideas have been great, but tackling the problem of how to include these things on top of the already necessary wards without causing feedback has been ...tricky, to say the least. I dislike magic sometimes. (Most of the time. Don't even get me started on the arcane school's volatility.)

At any rate. Seeing as how this is almost done, I've considered asking Grimand to take a look at creating some barding for Arion. Or upgrading his barding, I guess. He did forge everything I've got now, but that was years ago and the stakes are pretty high this time around. I'd rather not lose that horse, I'm fairly attached to him. Part of me wants to go ahead and ask if he'd do it? But another part of me can just see his reaction.

He'd be all steaming mad and say something like, "Ye dinnae think I done enough fer yeh already?" Or something. Pardon the atrocious accent. It's almost hard enough for me to understand the northern accent sometimes, let alone recreate it. Another part of me wants to say that he probably really appreciates the coin I toss his way though. The man's skilled. And probably fairly wealthy by now.

We'll have to see though. I'll have keep this journal as up to date as I can make it.