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The pattern was bloody annoying. Familiar, but annoying. Eight hours of sleep. Eight hours of work. Eight hours of rest. He cheated often--cutting out a few hours of rest to spend time with Naiara, Tirian, or Threnn. With the girls there was cooking and bedtime stories. With Threnn, there was also discussion, long into the night, about the nature of the Light.

“It’s a bloody mess.” He said to Threnn. They were in their formerly cozy, currently cramped, bedroom. Books, scrolls, tablets and even a handful of draenic project devices took up every unused bit of space. It was not haphazard mess--it was as neat and ordered as such a collection of books and artifacts could be--but it was still a mess. “All these traditions, all the discoveries, all the history. Not one feckin’ bit o’sense. So many common threads...”

“Start there.” Threnn said. “Take the handful of common threads and build out.”

“Even when they contradict what we’ve been taught?” Bricu said.

“Especially if they contradict.” She said. “Everything we know about what’s left of those runes goes against what we were learned in the Abbey. Even the Highlord’s use of the light after his excommunication goes against what we know. So let’s lay the puzzle out and see what we come up with.”

Bricu pointed to a stack of books and papers, “Old Lordaeron beliefs said the Light could “choose” those who could wield it. That goes with a number o’the old ways. Chosen folk who could work miracles.” He pointed to a neatly arranged pile of scrolls, “The Bloodknights believed in force of will--though M’uuru sacrificed itself so they could be brought back inta the fold. For all I’ve looked, I can’t find anythin’ about losin’ the light with the dwarves. Then he pointed to the Draenei texts and devices, “I could spend a lifetime lookin’ ta their ways an’ not make any progress--though I think gist of it is faith, discipline, ‘science,’ and balance are all ways to use the light. But.”

Threnn sipped at her tea while Bricu finished thinking out loud.

“If the windchimes are ta be believed, the Light chose the entire bloody race. The Broken lost that connection by demons or some shit, but then they some became shamans. So the Light has limitations?”

“We were there when Bridenbrad was brought into the Light--and not cured of the Plague. So we’ve know that the Light was limited in it is power.” Threnn said.

“Limited in who it could choose, limited in what it could cure. So being limited by runes--Titan runes--isn’t a huge leap.” Bricu scratched his beard. “Yeh know, the bloody church didn’t do runes on Tirion. It was a different ritual. And while his Light was diminished, I don’t think it was magical. I think it was an attack on his confidence.”

Threnn nodded. “After being removed from the church, his family, the fall of Lordaeron. That Tirion was so far removed from the man he became.”

“Exactly.” Bricu said. “It was not a ritual, I think it was shame.”

“What about the Draenei or the dwarves?” Threnn said.

“I’ve seen a few mentions o’shame an’ loss o’the Light in the Draenei texts, but not a bloody one in the Dwarven records. Unless the dwarf went ta the Dark Irons, they didn’t lose the Light--but I think that’s propaganda more than truth. But that’s somethin’ all the Clans have in common. A stubborn sense o’will.”

She leveled a stare. “If that was it, then you would be raining holy fire down on the gits in Dalaran and Light’s Hope. So that cannot be all of it. Just will? That cannot be it. Not with how you’ve learned to manipulate chi...” Threnn trailed off.


“It’s faith. It’s not just your will or being stubborn. It has to do with your faith and belief in the Light. You could walk the line before, but with the runes? How it interferes with the Light and how it channeled into shadow? Love, I think it’s a crisis of faith.”

“If that was it, missus...”

“That is only part of it. But I’m pretty sure that’s it. I don’t think if you recommit to an understanding of the Light it would come back, not with the runes, but I think this is the way to go forward. Follow through with this challenge to your faith, and get your Light back.”

Bricu simply nodded. “Do yeh have a plan?”

“I do.” Threnn said, “First thing you do tomorrow, bake your cinnamon, brown butter scones. That’ll make Annie a bit more agreeable to the idea.”
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