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Welcome Home Short Shorts - Gregory

Gregory Genteal was the name he went by, no one knew the name he was born by as he was left at the cathedral at birth. The orphanage had another name for him, as did one or two of the companies that he worked under. That was before, and after, he joined SI:7, a job, they say, owns you for life.

It certainly did him, names, faces, charades, all blended together. This one, he had to admit, had become his favorite.

The powers that be were concerned for the work of the Riders in Old Town. There were contacts back and forth, the Riders and them, usually the organizations stayed at a standoff, as there with those within SI:7 that were connected with others within the Riders. When some started to cause issues with noble houses, then pressure came from inside white walls to keep an eye on the lot of them.

Some had been harder than others, some retired, some crossed into the portal on Draenor and sabotaged efforts to keep track of them. Others had quit the Riders, some just stopped being around, it was hard for any of them to say as, as much as they operated independently, they were difficult to get people within their inner circle.

The obvious exception was the priest, Kalaallexin Ansurantian, she had gone quiet for a time when she was in Draenor, and ended up in some interesting fixes. Including, somehow, affecting the Inquisition and becoming a Vindicator, which she would never discuss. Not even with good ‘ole Gregory, the man who was at the clinic everyday and took notes of those coming in and out.

A stroke of genius on his part, the volunteering to help track people and connect them. The priest did not think anything of it, but if the Riders tried anything using the charity as a front he would know. Plus he had information that SI:7 might want on the people coming home, he would have it.

Interesting part of it all, is, SI:7 no longer got information, from him at least. After a bit of being involved he saw the need the Draenei was providing, he truly enjoyed helping her, and being around the charity. It was a place he would have gone to, even if sevens hadn’t asked him.

The people here, the ones the charity worked so hard with were mostly forgotten by everyone else. They were who he could have been had he not been with SI:7 for so long. With changes in leadership there, some of the people might end up here eventually. As such, he wrote all his notes in one book, then at night wrote a different set for SI:7, it was not like the charity was some front, it was all it said it was.

How Kalaallexin fit into the Riders circle was a mystery, one he had been unable to solve. They talked about it once and she had told him she just fit in with them. It was hard to see, watching her everyday she was here. Not one slip to the criminal organization they were, she was a beacon of Light as he had heard from the church as a child. Yet, she was spurned by many in the organization.

An enigma, he liked puzzles. Maybe that was why he stayed.