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Ceinwen ferch Dafydd
A Trip to Dalaran
“Absolutely not.” David Bowen put down his wineglass and attempted an air of authoritative finality. “You are not going to Dalaran. It’s far too dangerous.” Ceinwen gave him a you’re-being-silly look...
Marjolaine LaVey
Living It Up at the Legerdemain
Zantoris lounged at one of the tables in the bar, waiting for Marjolaine. He had a mug of some very good ale from Pandaria, which sipped absently from time to time. He was still trying to wrap his hea...
Topics: zombie love
Aroria Arcshine
Follow the Prey
Zantoris needed a drink. Talking to Phillip had seemed to make the kid feel better, but it had dredged up memories that were best drowned in hard liquor. He would have preferred to return to the Vindi...
Visiting the Bishop
Phillip sat on a low wall, watching the sailors and dock workers scurry about in the pre-dawn light. From here he could see the old folks’ home just past one end of the docks, as well as the lanes lea...
Topics: welcome home
Aroria Arcshine
The Hunt Continues
Aroria walked through the Vindicaar, watching for some sign of this Zantoris. She assumed that it should not be too difficult to ask a few questions and find the one she was searching for. Lexi had ...