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A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part I
Zantoris lounged at the Legerdemain bar, sipping an ale. His rucksack sat beside him, ready for the trip ahead. His armor was clean as always, the chest piece repaired after his recent impalement. He ...
Letters to Light's Hope
Dear Phillip, I’m so pleased to receive your letter, and doubly so to hear that you’re getting on well at Light’s Hope! Thank you for the artwork; there’s a sense of serenity and righteousness presen...
Topics: light's hope
Kolten Alveren
A New Offer
Kolten waited at his table, nursing a glass of wine, and watched the door for his guest to arrive. Obtaining the dagger from Hearthglen had proved to be surprisingly simple, with the right combinatio...
Phillip Browning
Phillip Sees the Light
Two figures approached the northern gate into Light’s Hope, talking quietly to each other. The larger, a muscular draenei paladin, bellowed a greeting to the guards as they passed. The slim young huma...
Mayanna Stonewood
After her talk with Phillip, Mayanna knew that she would have to talk with the young man’s father. She was very much responsible for presenting this option to Phillip and assisting him with pursuing i...