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Lunadelle Moonwhisper
Raising Dragons
(( SPOILERS! This whole thing is a spoiler for the Death Knight class mount quest chain. Stop reading here if you want to avoid spoilers! You have been warned! )) (( Written with Kartanian, of course...
Varenna Sungale
Blackberry Tea
"'re really a witch?" asked the farm girl, sitting at Ilarra's kitchen table. "More or less," replied Ilarra over a steaming mug of blackberry tea. The farm girl had one too but she hadn't to...
Nikana Lexington
Sharing Info
A quiet evening at the Slaughtered Lamb. Only a few tables were occupied, warlocks in pairs and trios conferring over drinks. Tucked into a quiet corner away from prying ears, Zantoris told Nikana abo...
Meeting the Lawyer
(( Written with Mayanna. )) Zantoris sat on a bench outside the lawyer’s office, waiting for Mayanna. He’d gotten here almost an hour early for this meeting, had tried to entertain himself looking in...
Varenna Sungale
Wrong Turn
The farm girl's name was Emily, and she had made at least one dreadful mistake. Exactly which of her mistakes had been the dreadful one was a matter of perspective. There were several strong candidate...