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Varenna Sungale
Writing Prompt: Joy (Vivenne)
Magic danced across Vivenne's fingers in colors of purple, white, and gold, pure arcane rendered into light. She was alone in an alcove in Shal'Aran. (The war on the Broken Shore was quiet today. She ...
“Turns out it wasn’t a control orb, it was a summoning orb,” Zantoris told his laughing audience at Welcome Home. “I’d just called up a water elemental, and it was pissed.”“You are so full of shit,” c...
Keep Quiet and Stay Close
“Keep quiet and stay close,” said Benito, for the seventh time.Zantoris managed to bite back his retort, but it was getting more difficult with every repetition. He was new here, sure, but he wouldn’t...
Ghyslain Greyhawk
Night Terrors, Part II
The barrows, a place she knew well but she wasn’t sure why, she moved her way down the hall, metal boots clanking on the granite, scraping as she did not lift her foot quite enough. She was worried, e...
Topics: nightmare, druids
Ghyslain Greyhawk
Night Terrors, Part I
Deep in the emerald heart of Val’sharah, the Dreamweavers were doing all they could to staunch the corruption seeping through their sacred groves. The Nightmare’s influence persisted, however, and tho...
Topics: nightmare, druids
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