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They strolled through the nighttime streets towards Old Town, talking quietly in consideration of the populace who must already be asleep. Marlon was an occasional visitor to Welcome Home; when he’d h...
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New Developments
For the better part of an hour, he didn’t really register the low muttering voice. He had a vague idea that the fellow in the next aisle was being unduly noisy for a library patron, but he was too foc...
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Talking Shop about Shadows
((Co-written with Torriah)) The house at the end of the street was on the smaller side. Crescents decorated the exterior and the door was carved with an elaborate tree design. It looked to be immacul...
Mayanna Stonewood
Scarlet Crusade Infiltration (OLD FIC)
((Since this incident came up in conversation at the Pig, I found it and am putting it up. Obviously, this takes place in vanilla period WoW. Cowritten with Rovornan.)) Rovornan waited for Mayanna’s...
Requesting Leave
Dusk, Deliverance Point. Half a dozen enlisted gathered around a fire pit on the west side of the base, enjoying a hot drink or a game of cards before bed. The air was chilly; the breeze from the east...
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