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Any Hordies about?

Never played a Horde character. She's all by herself, running around Durotar with no one to play with. Anyone know an active Horde RP guild?
I'm looking for one of those myself for my Horde-side warlock and monk (Barttok and Sheedo respectively.) That said, if there IS an active horde guild around? I can also help bolster ranks!
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I've been looking too. Sword and Quill is still around, but they've struggled a lot in the last year, and I've had trouble getting any kind of connection there, especially with non-blood-elf characters. (I'm down to only having Anryl in the guild at this point.)
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I have actually mained Hordies for most of my WoW career, and only in the last couple of expansions gotten much more play on Alliance side. That said, my friends/guildmembers are... very casual... roleplayers, at best, so I can't really recommend that group. (Frustrating, but that's what I've got.)

Sword and Quill has been earnest about RP, and I've enjoyed some time as a visitor with them, but there was something about a server switch around the start of Legion when I was also sucked into Alliance RP at the time, so I didn't follow up. Additionally, I could not in good faith back the part of their guild charter that requires loyalty to the Horde. (Tangent: Very few of my characters support the factionalism built into the game to (in my view) prop up PvP and the silly kind of conflict we often see strainingly maintained in the ongoing lore. /tangent)

Suggestion: Character-friend Kartanian-Feathermoon or Vanosylos-Scarlet Crusade. When I'm on Horde-side, I'm typically playing on one of those two, and very happy to interact RP-wise.
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I've been debating which of my Horde characters to play through Legion. I started my troll priest at 90 who has to go through Draenor still, then I have an orc warrior at 61 I might boost or play up so I can practice smash and crash.

I have a couple low levels I could play, or dump and replace.
If any of you see me on, don't hesitate to give me a shout!
Feathermoon server?

Feathermoon server?

Ya, I'm on Feathermoon. And can play with the Scarlet Crusade guys, of course.
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