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Write Every Week Prompts

This week's theme is Cause, as in what one is dedicated to or one's reason for doing things; or, as in cause and effect. Sometimes the same thing.
This week's theme is Passion! THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PORN. It's not "eclipse" because Argus is doing that for us.
This week is a special one. In a couple days we'll be heading off on a draenei spaceship to go invade Argus, so the theme this week is: Vindicaar.
Last update on August 28, 2017, 5:23 am by Varenna Sungale.
This week's theme is Daydream! Or nightdream, I guess, if you're nocturnal? The one you have when you're awake, not the other kind.
This week's theme is Accident.
This week's theme is Specialization! As in what spec is your character? Is it the right spec? (Answer: if it isn't Frost it's the wrong spec.) For a less game-y prompt this could also just refer to somebody's specialty!
Last update on September 18, 2017, 11:26 pm by Varenna Sungale.
This week's theme is Fall, because I'm a millennial and I crave my pumpkin spice everything.
This week's theme is Water.
I would write something about how my skin temperature is now always well below the dew point, and I'm constantly damp from condensation. Yet another "Yay, undeath!" moment to deal with. Meh.

Wait, did Kartanian hit both Water and Fall in his note? *goes back to look* Huh, yes, he did. Sneaky.
This week's theme is Spooky. Dig out your best sewer clowns and haunted houses!
This week's is Crazy.
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