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Write Every Week Prompts

This week's theme is: Shapeshifter. To go with another fairly specific sounding one, here is a reminder that these prompts don't have to be taken literally. But there's also nothing wrong with it if they are! Write whatever comes to mind!
Ooh, this happens to be a good/fortuitous one!

I still have to finish my "pockets" response, too.
This week's theme is: Fire Festival! As a non-WoW alternative, this one can also be translated as Solstice or something similarly generic.
Last update on June 26, 2017, 7:51 pm by Varenna Sungale.
Here we go! All caught up with a 3-in-1.

I had no idea how this was going to work when I started writing, but I wanted to blend the three, and with Kartanian's roguishness, the phrase, "Turn out your pockets!" got me started.
This week's theme is on the late side because my life temporarily exploded. Don't worry! It glued back together again! The theme is: Colleague. In Legion a good example might be the kind of people you find in class halls, PCs and NPCs both. If your character isn't the sort to have colleagues, try something like "peer."
This week's theme is a scary one. Literally, because it's Fear. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
This week's theme is like an ogre, because it is Layers.
This week's theme is Weapon.
Scrape. Scrape. Scrape.

Varley pushed the knife against the turnip. Each push of the keenly honed weapon met with no resistance from the vegetable. Every slice of the tool cut through it like it was greased butter.

He stuck his tongue out as he made the slices. If something was worth doing, it was worth doing right.

It was the first harvest of the season. The first season that he'd ever actually harvested anything himself. Sure, he'd talked a big game.

"Oh yeah, I know a lot about farming!" He'd assured the neighbours.

"Big farmer here. Can't wait to start raking in the gold!".

It wasn't quite as easy when it came to removing said vegetables from the death-grip of the earth.

The first year was a nightmare. Apparently there was a lot more to planting vegetables and being a farmer that might meet the eye. A lot of challenges that had been glossed over in everyday life when it came to the biographies of heroes. Rather than slaying monsters and defeating evil, they mainly related to repelling raiding parties of enemies that were seemingly hell bent on getting the sweetest turnips of the season.

The first year of crops was pretty much a write-off. Apparently hawking everthing under the guise of "magic beans" was not the most finacially stable strategy.

Still, there was hope! It turned out that there was a lot of demand for non-magic vegetables. Especially when a certain dragon had pretty much razed a lot of the planet.

Scrape. Scrape. Scape.

A woman made her way down through the bazaar. She was human, probably a tourist from the look of her. No regulars would have spent this long eyeing off the market.

Varley locked eyes with her as soon as he saw her.

"Hey there. How's it going?" He asked, waving around a giant machete as casually as possible. "I guess you're not from around here... Would you like to see my wares?"

The woman looked at Varley's stall. It seemed to consist of multiple coconuts sliced in the least aesthetically way possible.

She started.

"GREAT!" He said
"WELL, YOU REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME I WROTE THIS MUSICAL PLAY..." He began ranting. The girl's hands slipped off any artifacts in question and moved to a defensive posture in front of herself.

"IT HAD A LOT OF JOKES. A LOT OF JOKES ABOUT DEMONS. YOU LIKE DEMONS?" Varley asked the lady, his face bearing a manic grin.
"Uh.. I guess..." She said, backing away somewhat slowly.


"Well, uh..." She tried to interrupt.

Varley was not a person to be interrupted though. He was a person who had been at least two apocalypses, and by gum he was going to let everyone know about it!

"ANYWAY, THERE WAS A GREAT RAP- Say, do you want to buy a turnip?"

The girl nodded like a bobble head. She all but threw her coin purse at Varley.
Last update on July 31, 2017, 8:53 pm by Zlad.
(( Thanks a lot for the prompt Varenna! I always wanted to think about how a Varley scheme would operate in a closed system. ))
(( *head spinning* That was a lot like an episode of One Piece. ))
For Weapon.

Written with Kiyera. This takes place after the previous Layers/Lairs bit, but before the "What's Your Price?" installment.
omg Varleys XD
Writing prompts are appearing on Sunday once again. This week's is a fun one: New Experience. It explains itself!
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