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Nice to meet you!

Hello, Feathermoon-Scarlet Crusade!

I am Maffe, a newcomer to the realm and to role-playing. I came here hoping there would be a lot more open-world opportunities, but I guess I play too late in the evening to stumble upon anything.
I'll keep searching! That's how I found this community!
If you see me in-game, send me an invite! I look forward to playing with you!
Yay, awesome! I'm not ingame/on FMap much right now for RL reasons, but ideally as they clear up I'll be around a lot more.
Hey there Maffe, welcome to the community!

Open-world RP is challenging to find on Feathermoon, but it does exist! Since you're Alliance you may wish to join the in-character chat Buzzbox - it's like a giant skype call that anyone is welcome to participate in.

There's also regularly recurring RP events in the world that are usually open to new people. Here's two to kick the list off!
-Rose Social Night - Every Monday at 7pm-ish. Roses chat and hang out, but anyone is welcome. Usually in or around Stormwind (asking in buzzbox is the easiest way to find it)
-Order of the Rose guild meeting - Every Friday at 5:30 pm. Non-Roses are again welcome, but it tends to be focused a little more on guild business.

I hope you enjoy our server! :D
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The Wildfire Riders are way cooler than the Rose, and try to have a Pub Night every Tuesday ~6pm.
The Rose is way better, and also has a far lower risk of being arrested in general.
There's also the Wildfire Riders pub at the Pig and Whistle on Tuesdays at 6 server time. It's been a little thin lately as several regulars have RL things going on at once. I generally make it though am sometimes a bit late.
I see that I was typing while others were posting. And for the record, May has never spent time in the Stockade that wasn't in an official capacity.
Hi Maffe! I'm on the east coast, so if you're farther west your "late in the evening" might coincide with my "after dinner but before bedtime." Give me a shout if you see me on! My battletag is Kyala#1492
Welcome and well met! I personally can say that some Wildfire Riders have never been "officially" detained while some Roses I know have.

Both are wonderful groups and I hope to see you around.
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Well, Hello There, from Red Side!

Sword and Quill have Biweekly guild meetings, their next one is coming up, well, tomorrow! They move them around every meeting, so just poke any member that's online for a location.

I've found a surprising amount of RP around the echo Isles, just out and about doing things. Pretty much anybody with a description addon (FlagRSP, MyRoleplay, TotalRoleplay} is down for RP, and most will let you know if the can't at that particular moment.
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Thank you guys for the warm welcome! That's why I chose this realm over higher population ones: a smaller, friendlier community! I'm a countryside girl, I do not do so well with big groups of people.

I hope to make it in time for those meetings one of these days; I work until 5:30pm server time and cannot sit down to play until 8:00pm. By then the Buzzbox channel is all crickets too Tongue
I tend to think of it a little like fishing. Sometimes, when you cast that line out, you'll get a nibble. Sometimes you won't. I'll admit, I caught your post there a couple days ago (yesterday?) on an alt but I was trying not to die because I over pulled and didn't get to respond in time.

Still though! There'll be the busy days and there'll be the quiet ones. Weekends tend to be the best time to fish for a little RP. Best of luck!

Also, pleased to meet you!
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May the blessing of The Light be upon you.
Hello Maffe,

If you have been in the vicinity of Fells, check your pockets to make sure you still have all your spare change. And watch out for chairs.
Fjuinen said...

Hello Maffe,

If you have been in the vicinity of Fells, check your pockets to make sure you still have all your spare change. And watch out for chairs.

Chairs? Why chairs? O.o
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