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Note Tracking: Bending and Breaking

Anvari Zarthus is an Illidari - and like all Illidari, she contains the soul of the demon who transformed her. Like many Illidari, she struggles to maintain control of that demonic energy, lest it best her, and she lose her life to it.

Arathel Duskbreaker is a Mage Hunter and a Spellbreaker. While he is more or less immune to most magics, the chaotic nature of Fel magic makes it exceptionally hard to break. While this was worrying enough with the Legion invading, he is desperate to see Anvari maintain control, fearful that should she lose it, he will have to kill her himself.

This is their story, as they work to find ways to defeat the Legion, maintain control, and - hopefully - maintain the newfound love that they both share.
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