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Log Horizon - SAO (the WoW Version)

I have been watching a bit too much anime recently about being trapped in a MMORPG, which got me curious...if on the next WoW expansion an occurrence of some sort pulled you into the game world, trapping you as your toon - which toon would it be and why?

I really don't know myself - Candykettle, Copperkettle, and Torquewrench are my mains (I can't decide which is more main Smile) Of the three Copper is the oldest and as a male, I would prefer a male toon (I am provincial)...but I am curious other people's responses.
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Oh, it'd be Mayanna for me, without a doubt. She's the most "me" of my characters. Also my first and always my main. What I've always pondered more in such a situation ( really, I assume we've all imagined this scenario) would be whether I would know what she knows or if I'd be having to learn how to sword and board damned fast.
I'd probably be Ariel Keming. Not my main (or even my #1 alt), but she's the one character I've actually intentionally modeled after certain aspects of my IRL personality so it seems like she'd be fitting.

Hopefully I'd get used to demon-summoning and felcasting quickly!
Nocturna is the character I've invested the most time in, and therefore feel the most kinship with. I wouldn't mind walking around in her boots.
Mine would probably be Ateur. Tongue Or Bantallas (Ateur's dad) just because of how sarcastic I can tend to be.
Mine would be Zykla. I mean she's the closest character to me and my main. :D
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I would hope mine would be Honnete, though Grizellmane probably has more in common with me.

No doubt about it.

Though, the smoking would be hard to take.
I'm with the Wildfire Riders. Who the fuck are yeh?
Wouldn't that be an interesting case study in physical addiction versus mental habits?

Edit: Considering how to write up the methods on that one will now entertain me while I finish out my workday. "By substituting the persona of an individual from the Earth into the corresponding physical form on the world of Azeroth, we are able to isolate..."
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Alishe. She's my main and always has been. Roleplaying her has given me not only my own personal obsession with tea, but a huge appreciation of all things flora and fauna. Not to say she doesn't have her quirks, because she definitely does. It would definitely be interesting to walk in her shoes, that's for sure.
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Well, this is an interesting question for me, given my penchant for creating characters that are as unlike me as I can stand. Maybe my paladin/priest/monk Dina? I have a tactical mind like she does, at least, and I'd be perfectly content to stay off the front lines (she may belong there, but *I* certainly don't ...). (Just don't get me started on how I've pretty much had to level the priest as shadow, even though she's firmly decided that sort of thing is not in her nature ....)
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