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Zantoris »Notes

Lives in Broken Isles · Born on September 13
Shadow Coach
Torriah arrived in Dalaran after sunset, then traveled directly to the inn. She found the room readily enough and knocked softly. “It’s open, c’mon in,” came Zan’s voice. Then, not as loudly, “I saw...
In the Shadow
The exhausted shadowcaster had fallen asleep in his armor, still wreathed in shadows. They ebbed and flowed with the tempo of his dreams. At first they had twisted slowly, sinuously around him. Now th...
Lost Squad of Invasion Point Four
Kornuk and his team, minus Zantoris, waited in Redshield’s office. The general was meeting other commanding officers, receiving their official reports of the disastrous mission, but the team had alrea...
A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part IV
Marjolaine wasn’t especially nervous despite the rather inflammatory status of the undead in these parts, though she did fall a half step behind the former priest, settling for holding his hand. Zanto...
A Trip to Hillsbrad, Part III
Before long they were tangled up on the bedroll again, clothes piled to the side as they spooned and snuggled. Zantoris was still delighted to find someone who seemed just as eager to hop in the sack ...