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Yva Darrows »Notes

Lives in  Elwynn Forest Eastern Kingdoms · Born on December 1· is in a relationship with Tiberíous Enimos Thornwood
Yva Darrows
Friends in Need Part Two.
She loved her ice and it loved her. Yva walked across the battlefield in bare feet, the earth below her ripe with ley energy and promise. Nightstrike had told her where to look for the Dusksworn bro...
Yva Darrows
Friends in Need.
The call came in early morning, when every breath was met with puffs of fog and frost glistened on the leaves. She stood by the front windows on the second story of Wellington House, the twins asleep...
Yva Darrows
The Watching Dark.
One sees much from the shadows. The baker as he drops a loaf of bread onto the dirty cobblestones and puts it back atop the pile of fresh-baked goods. The quick suck and fuck between buildings, the ...
Yva Darrows
Happy Homecomings.
Yva pushed a box down the stairs. It wasn’t a big box, but picking it up meant getting close to him and she wasn't about to do that. She let it thud to the floor in the living room and went to get h...
Yva Darrows
Brother Archibald, Nine.
The alarm bellowed and Archibald eased away from the human woman, noting the odd smile on her face. He moved like water, stretching across Lore’s prone body to reach for the table with his tools. Hi...