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Kalaallexin »Notes

Lives in  Elwynn Forest Eastern Kingdoms · Born on May 24
Good Afternoon, Mr. Browning
Lexi approached the Browning house in the evening after she closed the charity. She had been given the address by one of the guards that she knew at Joseph’s station. The guards in Old Town had gotten...
Of Course She Did
The charity had just closed when there was a knock at the rear door. Lexi had sent Lejian home already and was working on a letter to Lady Carrens asking for a meeting to talk about other avenues of c...
Argussian Tea
Lexi was walking the top deck of the Vindicaar, the priest looking out over the command center, almost pacing. She was normally not pensive, but being this close to people she had grown up with, and a...
Welcome Home - Interlude with Benefactor Pt. 1
((Been a long time since I have written anything for Lexi alone so... Part one)) Lexi had her best smile in place, she appreciated the funding from Lady Carrens and Lord Williamson and they had been,...
Welcome Home, Short short - Sheeren
Sheeren Oakenfell, was one of a kind, at least that is what all her friends said. Half-dwarf, half-human, golden toned skin with long strawberry blonde braids that reached past her waist. She had a ha...
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