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Kalaallexin »Notes

Lives in  Elwynn Forest Eastern Kingdoms · Born on May 24
Welcome Home Short Shorts - Gregory
Gregory Genteal was the name he went by, no one knew the name he was born by as he was left at the cathedral at birth. The orphanage had another name for him, as did one or two of the companies that h...
Introducing the General
Even though Welcome Home was closed that day, Lexi had made arrangements to meet with Mayanna so they could discuss the issue with Anna. With Marjolaine ensconced in her cabin, they decided to meet at...
Welcome Home Short Shorts - Gus
((As I write through Welcome Home with others I am finding recurring NPC's in my head so I thought I would start writing them out to share if any of you were interested. Here is the first, Gus)) Gust...
Welcome Home - Zantoris Arrival
((Thank you for the lovely RP Kayla)) The older building in Old Town was nondescript except for the wooden sign over the door that said Welcome Home. On the side of the building there was a horseshoe...
A Noble Summoning
On the night before Welcome Home was to open Lexi had just returned from spending time with Anna at the garrison. She would have stayed on Draenor, but wanted to be up early to have everything ready a...