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Jol ap Taborwynn »Notes

Lives in  Stormheim Broken Isles · Born on November 19
Jol ap Taborwynn
WEW: Vindication
Tyr’s Hand was not so much a kicked anthill, but more a purposeful stream of order and determination. Wagons and carts of supplies moved into the the garrison at a pace below hurried, but nowhere near...
Jol ap Taborwynn
The Word
A visit to Hearthglen had not been intended, but a welcome respite before charging off to the Broken Isles. Jol ap Taborwynn had taken his time traveling by horseback from Tyr’s Hand, a sobering and a...
Jol ap Taborwynn
The Dark Rider of Lordaeron
((Not really a new note, just a compilation of the Dark Rider of Lordaeron series started with Aely when I originally brought Jolly back from the dead. The original notes weren't done up in a series, ...
Jol ap Taborwynn
Interlude: The Broken Shore
The Broken Shore was a terrible mess of an attack. Fel-stained and soot-blackened, the boats of the Argent Crusade had struck the eastern side of the source of demonic power pouring from the sky. Bodi...
Jol ap Taborwynn
Ready for Tempering, Part III
Three more attacks had come and gone, and Jol had thrown himself at them with the Light’s own will. His only reason for making himself return to Tyr’s Hand was the broken pauldron and battered shield ...