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Dorri'tow Firebloom »Notes

Lives in  Talador Draenor · Born on May 18
Dorri'tow Firebloom
Killing Teacher - Doing the deed
Kat sat on the edge of the bench. They were behind relatively sheer curtains, but because they were shadowed it was much more difficult to see in to them than for them to see back out. She was fidgeti...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
Killing Teacher - Planning
"I'll admit it. It wasn't the wisest move I've ever made. It was just that he was practically in sight and I could almost feel my fingers around his neck. Busting down the door seemed a logical cou...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
Cataclysm - Slug Cookies
((And the follow up to Shunk!)) Dorri’tow watched suspiciously as Ambika handed over yet another teddy bear shaped cookie to Fenniel. She had been watching this strange doling out of snacks the entir...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
The low whisper of voices was out of place these nights. Fabrio Sunsworn’s curiosity drew him toward the sound. This late in the evening, the ground floor of the chapter house was silent. The knigh...
Dorri'tow Firebloom
The Rock
((This takes place a few weeks ago)) In the romantic stories Dorri had loved as a child, the hero always chased the girl. He would catch her and sternly and lovingly teach her to not be so foolish, ...